Best Saw For Cutting Tree branches– 8 Efficient tools

Best Saw For Cutting Tree Branches – Top 5 Pruning Saws (2023)

Choosing the best saw for cutting tree branches is very important for many reasons. Firstly, there can be situations when a person is injured by a dry branch falling on him. This is a security issue. In addition, homeowners always need to maintain the health and appearance of their tree branches. This is already a matter of aesthetics. These factors indicate the need for regular tree pruning.

5 Of The Best Pruning Saws

You can even remove unnecessary dry branches yourself, without hiring professionals. All you need is to choose the right hand saw for cutting branches. Of course, you can use hedge shears to solve this problem, but they cannot handle very thick branches that are more than 1 inch in diameter. A hand saw has many benefits and can cut branches up to 4 inches thick.

Pruning is essential to protect trees from insects, promote their growth, and create a safe environment for yourself and others.
We will tell you about some hand saws to help you achieve these goals.

Best Saw For Cutting Tree branches– 8 Efficient tools
Saw for cutting trees

Banco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw For Green Wood

This saw is 30 inches long and has sharp teeth. It has excellent qualities and is able to solve a lot of your problems.

Using this saw, you will spend very little effort into work. Banco saw it is completely maneuverable and controllable, so you can cut as many branches as you need. This equipment has a comfortable handle, a durable stainless steel blade. Working as a chain saw, it will not be broken even if it cuts a large number of branches in a day. In addition, the saw makes cuts clearly and quickly.

It is a heavy-duty and long-lived tool that will allow your tree branches to grow healthy again.

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Corona RS 7120 Razor Tooth Pruning Saw, 13” Curved Blade

This saw for cutting branches has an unusual, curved shape that allows you to make cuts faster and more efficiently. The Corona hand saw is equipped with a large number of sharp teeth (durable blade) for cutting the thickest branches (suitable for branches 4-6 inches thick). Be careful with this tool, and wear gloves.

In addition, you can be sure that the saw blade will not rust and will serve you for a very long time. It is made of steel melt and is hardly subject to friction. Therefore, it is not necessary to constantly oil the blade.

Best Saw For Cutting Tree branches– 8 Efficient tools
Saw for cutting trees

Moreover, the saw handle is very comfortable (matched the contour of your fingers), and you can work for a long time without wasting much energy.

Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw, 330mm, Large Teeth

This professional hand saw was invented in Japan and is one of the best tree pruning tools! It is only 13 inches long (quite compact), however, like a knife, the Silky saw can cut absolutely anything (even branches that are 8 inches thick)!

This tool is rust-resistant and can also be used to trim rope or grass. The saw will cope with all the tasks! Besides, you will notice later that the saw is very easy to maintain. Just wipe it with a clean, dry cloth after use. The rest of the time, store the saw in a special cover (comes with the product).

Silky Bi Professional gboy 2000 Folding Saw XL Teeth

This type of hand saw for cutting trees stands out from other tools for its durability and ease of maintenance. The blade is 14-1 / 5 inches long, curved, and made of carbon steel. The peculiarity of the saw is that it can be safely carried with you.

This hand saw is foldable, and you only open it during use and lock it in the desired position. Often such property allows you to avoid accidents. If you need, adjust the position of the blade and handle to work comfortably. Other advantages of this saw model:

  • the blade is perfectly balanced and has a unique curved shape;
  •  suitable even for the most difficult operating conditions (it can cut even dry, hardwood);
  • the handle is rubber-padded, so it is ergonomic and non-slip;
  • XL teeth configuration – 5,5 teeth per inch;
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Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw, 10-inch

The Fiskars hand saw is designed for maximum safety, and you won’t get a scratch even if you prune branches all day. The unique design of the inside of the handle creates a comfortable environment for your fingers. You will be in complete control of the situation and protect yourself from danger.

Best Saw For Cutting Tree branches– 8 Efficient tools
Saw for cutting trees

A curved sharp saw blade is 10 inches long, made of carbon steel, and speeds up the cutting process. Pruning even the thickest branches will seem easy and carefree!

Reasons to buy this tool:

  • it cuts very thick branches;
  • it allows you to make cuts at the top and bottom;
  • guaranteed quality and durability of use;
  • it provides a comfortable working environment;

Which hand saw model should you choose

In case you still do not know which is better to choose, then we advise you the Bahco 30 inch Ergo Bow saw. This tool is quite versatile, has powerful abilities, and will allow you to cut almost anything! If you want to quickly get the job done and you are more concerned about your safety and protection of your hands, then feel free to choose the Silky BIGBOY handheld pruning saw.

 Best Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

In fact, there are many different types of saws for cutting tree bunches and some of them you can use to cut thick and large branches. For convenience, they can be grouped into broad categories. Keep in mind that only tools for trimming wood will be presented below. We do not recommend using them for anything other than felling trees.

Saw for cutting trees
Saw for cutting trees

We will describe the following categories:

  1. pruning saw
  2. bow saw
  3. pole saw
  4. crosscut saw
  5. rope chain saw
  6. chainsaw
  7. reciprocating saw

Pruning saws have a curved blade (6-12 inches long) and allow you to trim off dead branches to accelerate tree growth. They do not run on gas or electricity; you hold the saw yourself. The blade can be rough or thin, depending on the type of work. Such a saw can be easily carried with you, as the blade folds into the handle. Their cost is not too high (from $15 – $40).

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VIDEO: Best saw for cutting tree branches

In this video, you can see the best pruning saws which will be very useful in your garden.

A bow saw is versatile for different types of trimming

A Rope Chain Saw, as its name implies, has ropes and a chain with teeth at both ends. The mechanism of operation is simple: set the chain in the right place of the tree and pull on either side of the rope to make a cut. This type of saw is also suitable for hard-to-reach branches.

A chainsaw is the most popular. It is powered by a gas engine and looks like a tool with teeth on a chain. The chainsaw is capable of chopping off thick branches and large trees. How to store a chainsaw, what is a chainsaw chain, how to chainsaw bar oil, and how to clean a chainsaw carburetor we have answers to all these questions. But often it carries the greatest danger (compared to the rest). To make your life easier, it’s better to buy an electric chainsaw.

A reciprocating saw works very quickly and efficiently (powered by electricity or battery) and has a very thin blade. The saw is suitable for many types of work, especially for pruning trees, and is very easy to use. We advise you to purchase a tool that works on battery power so that the dangling cord does not interfere with your work.

Choose a saw for cutting trees carefully and work in comfort!