Can Cedar Be Painted White? (Sidings, Posts,Furniture)

Can Cedar Be Painted White? (Sidings, Posts,Furniture) What need to know

The Cedar wood is well-known for its natural beauty. It is also a popular argument that painting cedar white it could obscure the distinctive grain. Can cedar be painted white?

If you’re thinking of applying white paint to cedar, particularly to decking or siding work, you’re certainly not alone in being curious.

Can Cedar Be Painted White

Can You Paint Cedar?

Yes, absolutely! Cedar is highly paintable wood, provided that it is well-prepared and properly treated.

It’s pretty popular and can give a beautiful appearance that’s distinctive from the standard natural appearance of wood.

Why Choose Cedar?

Cedar is a well-known option for many construction projects, ranging from siding and decking to furniture.

It is renowned for its strength beautiful natural appearance, as well as its resistance to decay and pests.

The scent of cedar is distinctive and attractive to a lot of people.

Its natural appearance may not be the best fit for all styles or designs.

Painting is the place where it can be a factor.

Understanding Cedar’s Properties

While cedar’s painting capabilities are great it’s important to know the unique characteristics of cedar.

The natural oils in the wood of cedar contain tannins that could cause a bleed in paints when not treated correctly and cause coloration.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot paint cedar wood white, but it’s necessary to take a few additional steps to prepare.

It is now clear that cedar can be painted wood with no issues. Let’s concentrate on the process of painting white cedar.

Is It A Good Idea To Paint Cedar Wood White?

color of cedar wood

Although painting cedar wood white some might argue that the wood grain, of cedar, gives the impression of natural wood it’s also not a bad idea to paint it with a variety of colors.

The colors you could use on this wood can be anything from light white to dark brown.

There’s only one problem: you must correctly execute the method.

There is a chance that you don’t know the difference, but certain types of lumber comprise tannins.

Due to this, the whole paint job is more likely to bleed. Possibility of bleeding.

Do you worry about the paint flaking or cracking your surfaces?

One tip to follow is to go for thick coatings when you apply the paint.

To further prevent possible issues, you should consider applying an oil-based primer before starting. It will keep the paint under control.

What Kind Of White Paint To Use On Cedar

Cedar Board Painted White

The application will stick nicely if you are using 100% latex acrylic paint.

However, it is important to apply an oil-based acrylic primer that is oil-based and designed for outdoor use before applying the paint.

The latex paint and the primer that are within the category of acrylic are a good match and can help in avoiding compatibility issues.

If cedar wood is used in outdoor projects, exterior-grade products should protect the wood’s surface from the elements and moisture.

Paint products for exterior use also contain stain evenly blockers that allow the product to stand up to white cedar paint.

How To Prepare Cedar Wood Surface For Painting

Like any type of wood material, cedar wood also requires some work before painting cedar it.

It is important to get rid of any painted cedar wood remnants that may have accumulated on the surface.

I strongly recommend doing this before proceeding to the next process.

After you’ve completed this, two coats of primer can make your wood ready to be painted cedar with the highest quality.

If you do not want to face issues in the future be sure to purchase your primer as well as painted cedar, of the same manufacturer or from the same manufacturer.

It’s a very porous substance, making it absorptive to painted cedar.

Though you could roll or spray the primer and apply painted cedar to the area, applying it with your hands will allow you to achieve better levels of paint pigments, as well as optimal results.

Best Way To Paint Cedar Wood White In 3 Steps


Tools And Materials

  • Painting Brushes
  • Sanding Paper
  • Clean Rag
  • Acrylic Latex Paint (White)
  • Oil-based Exterior-grade Primer
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Step #1: Light sanding

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The paint pigments of the paint will be able to adhere to a smooth surface only when it is a flat surface. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out.

If you are working with older or newly cut cedar wood, it is essential to ensure that the lumber is not contaminated by mold or mildew.

If you miss a few spots, these chemicals could result in harm in the future.

This can also slow down the priming and painting procedure from resulting in an even surface.

It is not necessary to put the pressure of sanding to a high level, as light scrubs will be sufficient to remove dust particles and other debris.

If you do not want to paint over an uneven smooth finish.

The sanding force will be identical in each spot that you go through.

Following that, you should wipe the surface using a dry cloth so that no dust contaminants hinder priming.

Step #2: Applying The Primer

photo 2024 02 11 13 06 51

After that, you should apply the acrylic latex paint primer over every inch of the wood surface.

Each spot should be given an equal amount of primer, otherwise, you’ll see brown and yellow spots of paint leaking through the wood.

A coat of primer can be enough to block any chemical reactions that are caused by tannins found in cedar wood.

Tannins are the natural substances found in cedar wood.

They may cause staining or discoloration after contact with paints or finishes.

But, it’s important to select a top-quality primer that is specifically designed to be used on cedar to get the best result.

It should take just 8 hours to dry.

I would suggest looking at the label on the product to determine the suggested waiting time.

Step #3: Applying The White Paint

photo 2024 02 11 13 07 28

Following the time for drying that is recommended is over, it’s safe to begin painting the cedar substance.

In the beginning, wash the brush in paint cedar white.

Then, begin to brush across the wood grain of paint cedar white on the wood.

It is essential to keep applying paint in the same direction, so your paint sticks to the surface. Be careful with your application.

Apply the paint as liberally and evenly as you can, because cedar is extremely porous.

If you’re using the solid paint cedar white color, be sure every coat is thin enough so that you don’t risk moisture accumulation.

If not, the entrapped moisture vapors will cause streaks of blotch and reveal obvious indications of patches that are dark brown or yellow.

Can Cedar Wood Be Stained White Without Any Problem?

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There are no problems staining your cedar surfaces with white.

As opposed to using white paint, this one doesn’t need priming before the application of wood stain.

Even though you do not have to be concerned about bleeding since stained wood does not penetrate the substrate, it is necessary to scrub and sand the surface to remove any traces of coats of paint dirt and residues of dirt or grit.

It is also possible to find staining materials that have UV blockers.

By doing this, the coating can resist the sun’s rays and stop the discoloration of paint and fade.

The surface also has water-repellent properties to prevent damage from water.

If you do not want your staining procedure to result in catastrophe, avoid performing the procedure in direct sunlight exposure or with high humidity.

How About Painting Very Old Cedar Wood White?

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If you’re looking to apply white paint to an older Cedar surface, there are many things to consider.

In the beginning, examine the wood to determine whether it has been affected by mold, dust, or mildew. Then, take them off to keep the wood’s surface clean.

The coatings and paints applied in the pre-applied phase must be removed and sanded until the finish is clean-looking, beautiful, and smooth.

Here’s the method for painting cedar white the old cedar lumber white.

  1. Clean the surface Start by cleaning thoroughly the outside of the cedar. Clean any grime, dirt, or mildew by using moderate soap along with warm water.
  2. Removing Old Paint If the cedar had been painted cedar previously and you want to get rid of the previous paint. It can be done through sanding or using a remover for paint.
  3. Sanding can be an essential step, especially in the case of the older species of cedar. Sanding creates an ideal surface for paint to stick to. Make sure you sand the wooden surface evenly to stop the paint from getting blotchy.
  4. Utilize high-quality materials: Old surfaces need paint that has extra durability and flexibility. Pick a top-quality primer and paint so that the longevity of your painting.
  5. Primer: A primer made of oil is suggested for use on cedar since it blocks the tannins contained inside the wood from flowing into the paint. The primer should be evenly applied on the surface of the wood and allow it to dry according to the suggested time listed on the label of the product.
  6. Paint: Start painting. When it comes to actual painting begin by applying even, thin layers of paint. As cedar is very porous, it can absorb lots of paint. Therefore, it is possible to need multiple coats to get the desired shade. Be sure to wait for each coat to dry before making the following.
  7. The sealing process: Once your final coat of paint is dry it is recommended to apply a clear finish. This provides an additional layer of protection to your wood as well as prolongs the lifespan of your paint job.
  8. Regular proper maintenance Check your painted cedar for evidence that wear and tear. If you see any cracks or peeling it could be the time to do an update.
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Is Pressure Washing Cedar Wood A Good Idea?

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If you’re not sure if it’s the best idea or not, you could use pressure washing to clean cedar.

However, you must select a lower-pressure setting to protect the staining cedar wood from damage.

Keep in mind that it’s soft and more prone to being damaged by pressure water that is higher than other types of wood.

Here are some suggestions for pressure-washing cedar:

  • Make use of a low-pressure setting. A pressure setting at 1000 PSI or lower is suggested to pressure wash cedar.
  • Utilize a large nozzle. A wide nozzle helps disperse the pressure of water more evenly and will prevent the damage of wood.
  • Begin with the highest point then work your way downwards. This will help keep the water from dripping down the wood and damaging it.
  • Be aware of the edges and corners. These areas are more vulnerable to damage caused by high-pressure water.
  • Wash well. Once you are done pressure washing, make certain to wash the cedar well with pure water. This helps to get rid of all dirt and particles that might have been released by the pressure washer.

With these suggestions by following these tips, you will be able to safely clean cedar with pressure and keep the natural look of it looking great.

Here are some more ideas for using pressure washers for cedar

  • Don’t use any pressure washers if the cedar is damp. This can cause the wood to expand and break.
  • Don’t use an air pressure washer when the cedar is stained white or painted cedar
    stained. This can damage the appearance of the wood.
  • Don’t use pressure washers if your cedar has been in a state of damage. This can further cause damage to the wood.

Does White Cedar Turn Gray?

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In contrast to other varieties of this kind of wood that are white, cedar is a good source of the lignin components.

While this ingredient provides the wood with its white appearance, however, it also breaks in time and changes to a silver-gray tone.

If you’re considering using cedar to build outdoor structures such as decks and fences, you should be aware of the fact that exposure to elements outside will accelerate this process.

In the presence of direct sunlight exposure, sun, humidity buildup, as well as harsh weather, are the major triggers behind the occurrence.

It’s possible to think that turning gray can make the wood unusable however, I assure you that it’s not affecting the wood’s quality.

While it may not look as attractive as it used to be, but you’ll be able to count on the strength and durability. Still, it can be an ideal material for wood projects and outdoor space.

How Long Will Your Cedar Fence Last?

White Picket Cedar Fence

The life span of a cedar fence will vary based upon a variety of variables such as the kind of cedar being used the construction quality and the climate of the area where the fence is situated.

The average cedar fence will last up to 40 years. It’s maintained provided it is maintained with care.

Here are some suggestions to prolong the life span of your fence made from cedar:

  • Select the appropriate kind of cedar. Two principal types of cedar are used in fences: red and painted cedar white. Red cedar is stronger and less susceptible to rot and decay while white cedar turn gray.
  • Pick a top-quality building. The quality of construction can also impact the life span of the cedar fence. Find a fence that is constructed from solid wood with good-quality finishing.
  • Make sure your fence is installed correctly. The way your fence is constructed will influence its life span. Be sure the posts are installed in concrete, and the fence boards are evenly spaced.
  • Secure your fence from your elements. Cedar fences are naturally immune to decay and rot however, it’s still vital to guard them against the elements. Paint or stain your fence once every couple of years to guard it against the sun’s rays and rain.
  • Keep your fence in good condition. Regularly inspect your fence for damage, and fix it if needed.
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With these suggestions, You can increase the longevity of your cedar fence, and have it to yourself for years to come.

These are additional suggestions for prolonging the life span of your fence with cedar:

  • Make use of water-based paint. Oil-based stains and paints are harmful to the natural environment. They can reduce the life span of the fence.
  • Paint the area with a fine evenly coated coating. Do not overload the roller or brush because this can result in the paint cedar or stain to flow.
  • The paint cedar should fully dry before putting it on the fencing. This may take some hours or overnight.

Paint vs Stain

paint vs stain

In the case of changing the hue that cedar wood has, you are given the option of staining or painting the wood. Each method has its particular advantages and disadvantages.

Paint cedar wood offers many options for colors, ranging from white to. It provides better protection from the elements as well as UV radiation.

But, it also paints creates a solid layer on the surface of the wood, concealing the wood’s natural grain and texture.

However, staining the cedar wood will allow you to increase the natural beauty of cedar wood while also adding color. The stain penetrates the wood and highlights the grain and appearance.

However, stains might not offer the same amount of protection that paint does specifically against UV rays.

Tips for Painting Cedar Wood White

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If you decide to paint the cedar wood white, think about the tips below to get a professional look:

  1. Start by cleaning the entire surface with an extensive cleaning process and then sanding.
  2. Use a specific primer specifically for cedar wood, to guarantee an improved adhesion of paint
  3. Pick a premium exterior paint that’s appropriate for wood made of cedar wood and also provides UV-protection
  4. Paint the smooth surface in thin evenly coated coats. Give enough time for drying between coats
  5. You may want to apply multiple coats for greater coverage and longer-lasting durability.
  6. Cover the paint surface by applying a clear topcoat to keep it safe from weather and dirt.

Tips for staining cedar wood

Treating a Cedar Fence 157606315 58aeff135f9b58a3c92f0b9b 1 1 1 1
  1. Get rid of all the wood from cedar wood.
  2. Get rid of the sawdust, sand, and dust.
  3. Apply wood conditioner to the cedar wood.
  4. Dry out the wood.
  5. Use stain as a primer.
  6. Let it completely dry.


You’ve learned that cedar could get a coating of color, and you’re ready to collect your materials and put your knowledge to use. Due to its hygroscopic properties, cedar is also a good material for making kitchen utensils, such as food cutting boards, bowls, etc.

It’s possible to wonder if the steps to sand and prime are worth it, and we’ll tell you from our expert woodworking tools professionals as they are vital to ensure that your project will last for a long time.

Understanding these steps is going to help you save time and energy for your next project.

FAQ can cedar be painted white?

What kind of paint do you use on cedar wood?

When painting white choose acrylic latex paint as they provide an attractive combination of aesthetics and protection.
Acrylic latex paint enhances your cedar appearance by adding protection to its natural wood.

Can cedar be painted white?

Cedar paints quickly and is a suitable smooth cedar wood surface to paint. The only real consideration is that any bare wood cedar surface will require priming using Resenoid Wood Primer rather than Resenoid Quick Dry.

Do I need to prime the cedar before painting?

Firsters have to have: If a tree is deemed new, it should be trimmed. If it was old, the tannin and oil would probably be extracted during the weathering of the oil-based primer. Siding is best repainted with primer before topcoat.

Is there a white stain on the cedar?

Is there something you can tell me? Our Cedar siding tongue and groove siding take on an attractive rustic charm and are factory-finished with a beautiful painted cedar white finish. It gives the wood a whitewash finish and lets the wood grain remain visible.

Video can cedar be painted white: