Tree Removal Quote: 3+ Helpful Basic Factors

Getting Tree Removal Quotes: Cost Guide (2023)

Tree companies compute the cost of tree removal quotes according to different factors. Learn what it depends on by reading below.

One of the main things in cutting down trees is to secure prices. Usually, the cost of tree removal quote depends on things such as:

  • tallness;
  • width;
  • location of a tree.

Moreover, location – is one of the most clue factors.

The more possibilities for danger, the higher the fee. For instance, trees located close to pipes, power cables, houses, or carports are posing greater risks.

Tree cutting service near you cost also depends on some additional factors such as the compilation of tree removal and the time needed to cope with the task. At the same time, it is recommended to ask for quotes and get all required permits from local authorities simultaneously. It will help to avoid possible problems and save money.

Cost Estimates for Tree Removal Service

Tree cutting

Tree cutting prices mostly depend on the difficulty and time to be allocated for every tree. Trees up to 25 feet high can cost from 150 to 500 dollars. This range is much bigger for trees 25-75 feet in height. It is 200-1000$. But when you deal with trees over 75 feet, the prices become much higher – not less than 1500$.

There are also gigantic trees, for example, Southern Oak. Removal service for such a single tree may cost up to 10 000$.

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Cutting quotes are higher for damaged trees because more time and effort are needed to work with them. In this case, the level of difficulty is significantly different. But if the cutting and removal work doesn`t lead to some other damage to houses and so on, it will be just fair.

Some additional expenses can be required if the tree is too close to any structure. In these cases, the usage of appropriate equipment can be needed. For example, a crane can help to take away the branches. Prices for rental equipment are normally around 1200$ per hour of use. And according to the contract, you need to pay for 6 hours minimum.

Moreover, you need to know that there are no costs to get estimates. So, choose reliable providers and obtain tree service quotes from them.

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What else is Included in Cutting and Removal Costs

Tree cutting

In most cases tree removal cost covers:

  1. the actual process of cutting;
  2. chopping the big branches into smaller ones;
  3. bringing twigs, boughs;
  4. climbing a tree;
  5. using a rope to tie it around the appendages.

Some companies also include hauling in this list and charge up to 400 dollars for their services. But usually, these tree cutting prices do not include stump grinding in this fee because it is not their job. There are sub-contractors that take away tree stumps after the main work is done. You need to pay them from 60 to 400 dollars. The sum depends on how thick is the base of the cut tree.

The most important thing – the intricacy of the work in general.

Of course, this includes possible dangers too. Certain companies offer removal quotes for trees that do not clean the place completely after the main task is done.

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So sawdust can be left there. That is why be ready to discuss the full scope of work, including these details with the providers. This will help to avoid possible problems such as misunderstandings regarding the prices.

Also, do not forget about the need to hire a tree specialist. Usually, the work of an arborist costs up to 120$. The price depends on their availability. The far this person lives from the location, the higher fee is required.

But there are companies that try to make their services as comfortable as possible for the clients. They and hire arborists in advance, so you can save a lot of time and sometimes money.

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