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How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost on Average (2023)

Nowadays it is not difficult to find an answer to the question: how much does tree trimming cost?

Of course, the value of trees is very high for nature. Trees provide the environment with oxygen, which is essential for human life. Animals need them for food and shelter, and property owners enjoy the beauty of the trees and plant them to make the site look attractive.

However, any tree needs special care, which involves pruning branches.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree Trimming

Why Is It Necessary To Prune Trees?

Many factors indicate why trees need to be given a lot of attention and why they should be pruned in time:

  • a necessity for the tree itself;
  • for the good of man;
  • for the health of the environment;

Let’s consider each case separately.

Pruning For Tree Health

Often people cut a tree for aesthetic purposes, but this should be done for the benefit of the tree itself. Damaged, diseased or broken branches are very dangerous for people and the health of the tree. So branches need to be pruned to prevent bad consequences.

In addition, by chopping off the branches, you help increase the flow of air through the crown of the tree. It is beneficial for the health of the leaves (reduces their incidence), lower branches, and plants under the crown of the tree.

A good example is the correct pruning of the fruit tree helps to increase the number and size of the crop.

Pruning For Human Benefit

Trees, being an integral part of our life, must coexist with people. However, there are cases when they interfere with each other. For example, trees can become a serious obstacle to sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. In this case, trimming the tree will improve movement around the tree.

Dead or swaying branches on bicycle walkways and sidewalks can disorient a person. Therefore, cutting such branches will free up traffic and improve the visibility of road signs.

Do not forget that it is also dangerous for your life and property. In the event of strong winds or other weather conditions, the facade of your house can be damaged by the nearby tree. In addition, dead branches can collapse at any time and destroy the roof of the house.

Think about which is better: spending money on pruning on time or waiting for insurance compensation due to possible damage?

Do not doubt that it is better to make a small investment in your property and live in an atmosphere of tranquility.

Pruning For Environmental Health

Reasons why pruning branches will be beneficial for the environment:

• getting rid of pests and insects;
• benefits for other vegetation (shrubs and grasses);
• enrichment of the atmosphere with oxygen;

Thus, unnecessary tree branches with a large canopy often impede the growth of grass or shrubs under the tree. Therefore, if you prune these branches, other plants will receive vital light and water after the rain.

Moreover, often insects and other various pests appear on decaying or dead parts of the tree, eating the foliage. You may not notice them, but insects will bring a lot of inconveniences (for example, tree diseases or obstacles to their growth). In addition, if a tree grows close to your home, insects can easily penetrate there.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree trimming

In addition, pruning of branches is also necessary for preventive measures to improve the shape of the tree and reduce possible dangerous risks. By regularly pruning trees, you help light and air penetrate the crown of the tree and improve the biosystem under the tree.

Most often, already mature trees that need health promotion are subjected to these measures.

This Is What You Need To Know About Tree Pruning

However, it is worth remembering that each tree has its own individual characteristics. There are separate pruning methods for each type of tree (there is no one common technique), so take this work seriously.

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Young trees may need to be pruned every year to give them strength and shape to grow. Older trees are usually pruned every five years, but this depends on the situation.

If you want to help your tree, and not accidentally harm it, carefully study the right and wrong pruning methods to avoid mistakes. By far the most common tree maintenance technique is pruning.

For example, forest trees grow in a favorable environment and can be pruned naturally. But landscape trees are different. Their purpose is to create a beautiful appearance for your site.

Therefore, landscape trees require more serious and careful maintenance in order not to compromise aesthetics and structural integrity.

To prune branches, you need to know the structure of the tree and its biological characteristics. Otherwise, you may even contribute to shorten the life of the tree or damage it. Every branch you cut can change the growth of the tree, so pruning each branch of the tree must be justified for an important reason.

If you do not have any experience in cutting tree branches, it is better to seek help from Tree Cutting experts or certified Arborist. Specialists will be able to provide you with relevant knowledge and tell you about the right methods.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree trimming

In case you find Tree Removal Service Near You, you can contact a representative of ААА tree service. The professional team will help you resolve disputes and advise on prices and other important issues.

By the way, the terms “pruning” and “trimming” are often equated and used as synonyms. But in fact, these are two different methods of maintaining the health of the tree.

Differences Between Tree trimming And Tree pruning

Trimming is usually done for aesthetic purposes and convenience so that the tree looks attractive and unnecessary branches do not spoil the overall picture. A person trims branches when he has no fears about tree diseases, overgrowth, pests, and other dangerous factors.

To tidy up the tree, the homeowner can take the steps himself. If it comes to large trees or a group of trees, trimming should be done by a professional.

Pruning is carried out already when it comes to maintaining the health of the tree. This includes selectively removing certain parts of the tree (buds, roots, branches). In this case, a person purposefully cuts off dead, rotting, damaged, broken, and other unwanted plant tissues to preserve its health.

The pruning technique is very specific and has many nuances, therefore it is better to entrust the implementation of this process to a professional and specially trained person. He will be able to accurately recognize damaged tissue and ensure that only healthy buds, roots, branches, and leaves of your tree remain after pruning.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree trimming

The cost of pruning or trimming is always different and depends on many factors:

  • tree size;
  • the number of pieces of wood to be removed;
  • the presence of obstacles to work around the tree (fences, sheds, power lines); Usually, the average cost of tree trimming is $ 438, but it all depends on the complexity of your work. In fact, the price ranges from $ 120 to $ 1200. This data is based on the national average for 2018. Undoubtedly, you can contact the Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning Emergency and try to find out how much it will cost to complete the work. However, this is still useless, since they will tell you that everything depends on the circumstances (tree accessibility or obstacles, the number of branches removed, etc).
    Nevertheless, in this article, we will try to find the answer to this question.

    Tree Trimming Cost By Tree Size

    As has already been mentioned, to understand how much does tree trimming costs you need to know the size of the tree (specifically, its height).

    Small Tree Trimming – 15 – 20 ft. tall

    If you need to prune about 10-20 percent of a tree of that size, the price for the job would be roughly $ 250 to $ 525. In some cases, workers need more time to overcome obstacles on their way to the tree and not harm it. Then the price will be higher.

    Medium Tree Trimming – 20 – 30 feet tall

    Pruning such a tree will naturally be more expensive. For example, if you need to prune 10-20 percent of the tree, then you will pay approximately $ 390 to $ 720. In fact, it can be just a few branches (1-10), but again, a lot depends on the specific situation.

    Big Tree Trimming – 30 – 50 ft. tall

    Expect prices ranging from $ 500 to $ 1200. To obtain a building permit, 1 or 2 tree branches must be removed. Costs increase when you need to remove the entire tree. This will take more effort.

    Big Tree Trimming – 50 – 100 feet tall

    Due to the size of the tree, the maintenance cost will be really high. The minimum threshold is $ 740 per work. Prices can go up to $ 2,000. Moreover, thinning the crown will cost you much more than, for example, a canopy lift.

     5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
    Tree trimming

    In addition, you should be aware that tree maintenance services are not calculated in hours. Different services may rate their work in this way, but it is more important for them to visually assess your tree and suggest the degree of load.

    There are many difficult points in the tree trimming cost per hour. For example, one service can take 3 times more money per hour than another one, but at the same time perform 3 times more work, because their crew consists of 6 people (instead of 2 members of another company’s crew). Only the local company you have contacted will make an accurate estimate of the cost of a specific pruning of your tree.

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The work can be very time-consuming and involve more than just dropping branches, which increases its cost. It is therefore not surprising that pruning smaller trees is cheaper and less time-consuming.

There are cases when working with large trees, depending on their height, additional equipment is required.
Below you can see the tree trimming cost calculator. Check out the prices you will have to pay to a professional for pruning trees of various sizes:

  1. Trees of up to 30 feet and under (dogwood trees, Russian olive) cost $ 75-450 to trim;
  2. Trees 30 to 60 feet tall (e.g. crab apple) cost $ 150-875 to trim;
  3. Very large trees (taller than 60 feet) cost $ 200-1000 or more. Be prepared to pay this amount of money to a professional to trim your tree (like pine or red oak);

A team of professionals will take more time and effort if the tree is located near a building or power line. It is not possible to simply toss the branches down while working, as this would be dangerous. Instead, each cut piece of a tree is tied down. The climber must pull the rope over the branch or area to be cut.

When everything is ready and the branch has been chopped off, it is slowly lowered to the ground using ropes.

Useful Video: How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

In this video, with a complete tree trimming cost guide, you will find an answer to the question what is the average cost of tree trimming.


Tree Trimming Cost By Number Of Trees

The total price for the work also depends on the number of trees to be cut. When you make a request to the company, be sure to indicate the required amount to get the most accurate estimate of future work. There are situations when pruning services come for one tree, and then find out that there are five of them.

Perhaps the trees have suffered some kind of injury or illness, have been struck by lightning, and have become less resilient. Obviously, they are no longer as strong as healthy trees.

That’s why it takes longer to prune unhealthy trees. Such trees can easily collapse onto a house or other property, which is why workers often use cables.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree trimming

Diseases And Ailments Of The Tree

Of course, pruning an unstable tree with damage will cost more. This tree needs more careful maintenance. But as a result of the work, your tree will be healthy and safe. Thus the amount of work is related to the problems the tree has. Therefore, the cost of care increases.

There are many diseases of the tree that increase the cost of maintaining and pruning.

  • Abiotic damage – this is due to strong winds, hail, frost or drought. The disease can manifest itself in different ways, but the most common signs are broken branches and dry, cracked leaves. This type of damage must be urgently repaired to prevent parasites from attacking the tree.
  •  Fungi/Mushrooms – they drain the tree and take away vital nutrients. In this case, the wood is destroyed and the stability of the tree decreases.
  • Moist Crack is a sign that the tree is rotting from the inside out. It needs to be carefully examined to understand if the tree is in danger.
  • Pests – trees are home to many harmless or even beneficial insects and animals. However, some of them endanger the life of the tree and lead to its diseases (rotting, fungal growth). Listed below are the most common types of pests that affect tree health.
  • Emerald ash borer – this beetle cultivates trees at high speed and kills ash trees throughout the United States, posing a threat to homeowners. If you see these insects, treat them with special methods that all arborists use.
  • Ants – watch out for them if you find them on a tree. Insects can be a sign of decay or damage to the tree. If there are a lot of ants (especially at the base of the trunk), call special services.
  • Mites – even if they are small, mites can still harm the tree, especially the leaves and buds.
  • Shield lice are subtle insects that cause great harm.
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Woodpeckers – These birds often inhabit already decaying trees. Ask a professional if your tree has become a new home for a woodpecker, and see if there will be fungal decomposition due to this.

Other pests can be found depending on your region. Since other insect larvae can breed on your tree, the risks of damage increase. Keep an eye on the condition of your tree!

Travel Time And Availability

Tree service companies often charge additional travel time, the price increases with distance. Find Tree Removal Service near you to keep costs down.
In addition, companies specializing in cutting large trees often have a special aerial platform.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree trimming

This equipment helps to reach even the highest treetop. However, workers still often lack the surrounding space for a truck, so they charge extra.

For example, pruning an 80-foot high oak tree using a forklift costs about $ 1,050. But if you need to hire a climber, the cost will already be $ 1,400. Therefore, these and many other factors significantly affect the prices. While these services can be expensive, there are ways you can save on pruning.

How To Save Money on Trimming

Hiring a professional team is the safest option, although it costs more than cutting the tree yourself. But there are ways to help you not overpay.

We advise you to contact your utility company. They often prune trees near power lines, as the safety of residents depends on it. Utilities are better equipped and trained than tree maintenance services.

In addition, you should regularly monitor the health of the tree. Fixing a minor problem is cheaper than completely curing the tree in the future. Plus, pruning trees annually will save them from pests and diseases.

Do not wait for the problem to get worse and take the right action in a timely manner before dead branches cause damage to someone. Do not burden yourself with expensive and lengthy repairs in the future, but rather immediately cure the tree.

 5+How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost - Complete Cost Guide
Tree trimming

Make sure the trees are getting water and nutrients. This is important for their health and longevity. To maintain moisture around the tree, we recommend adding a small layer of mulch to the base.

In any case, any pruning must be done with an understanding of the biology and structure of the tree. Tree trimming is very important but pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure.

You are responsible for your landscape trees and must pay great attention to them. Trees are an integral part of our lives, so the task of people is to monitor their health.

Landscape trees should not be naturally pruned (as is the case with forest trees) to maintain their integrity and aesthetics. Therefore, the question of how much pruning tree costs cannot be answered exactly, it all depends on the specific situation.

Find answers to your questions from the “AAA tree service” that provides a variety of tree treatment services, including tree pruning, tree pruning, tree removal services, and tree emergency services.