How to Adjust a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor: What Every Owner Needs to Know

How to Adjust a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor: What Every Owner Needs to Know

Beginning users will probably want to figure out how to adjust their beloved Poulan chainsaw. Adjusting the carburetor settings is easy enough, you just need a special tool to adjust the idle screw mechanism.

To make it easy for you, in this simple guide, we will show you how to adjust a Poulan chainsaw carburetor. So, dive in and learn more!

Carburetor of a Poulan Chainsaw

As well as a carburetor of your car or every other insignificant motor, the Poulan chainsaws of the continuous saw Poulan function in the fuel mixture.

The regulation process will make it possible either to clean the fuel dirty air filter composition, reducing the correspondence of fuel and oil ratio to the spirit, or to expand it by adding more gas and oil to the light composition engine idles.

And it’s never unreasonable to make sure you’re cleaning your chainsaw’s carburetor properly: How to Clean a Chainsaw Carburetor in Simple and Easy Steps.

How To Adjust Your Poulan Chainsaw's Carburetor

How To Adjust Your Poulan Chainsaw’s Carburetor

Step #1: Seat the high and low-speed screw jets closed

For this mission, you will need a set of screwdrivers, although it is worth using a special tool to adjust the carburetor of the Poulan chainsaw. The good news is that this kit will come in handy for other equipment as well.

Together with the tachometer support, determine the high-speed screw nozzle (with the “H” rating) as well as the low-speed jet nozzle (with the “L” rating) in a closed carburetor adjustment.

Do this by turning the nozzles according to engine speed to the watchman arrow up to such times, until you can no longer twist them in any way low-speed jet.

tools for adjusting a carburetor of the Poulan chainsaw

Step #2: Pry the high and idle speed screw jets open 1.5 turns

Use the tachometer to open the low-speed jet and the high-speed jet by making 1.5 rotations from the baseline or the closed position idle screw.   

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Step #3: Run the chainsaw, then set the tune of the low-speed jet

Next, the carburetor adjusts the saw’s low-speed jet to the position where the saw chain stops moving while its throttle is still responsive. 

Use the tachometer to adjust a Poulan chainsaw carburetor

Step #4: Tune the high-speed jet for max RPMs

After this, the carburetor adjusts the fast screws of the high-speed jet or low-speed jet motor to the state in which its motor functions in the idle process in the maximum possible expressions. For the purpose of this, go to the management according to chainsaw’s engine to the operation idle screw (or user management).

Step #5: Adjust the idle screw until the chain stops (optional)

You can change the idle screw (that’s the one labeled “T” low speed) as needed until your chain does not stop spinning.

Keep in mind that if you set the idle screw too high, the saw chain will move continuously. If you set the idle screw too low, however, the Poulan chainsaw will not idle and will eventually stall.

Adjusting a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor

Safety Tips

First of all, before there is a regulation procedure, you should organize your own chainsaw. First of all, before making any adjustments to the carburetor low-speed screws, make sure that there are appropriate elements in your chainsaw:


Poor idling of the chainsaw engine can be caused by a dirty spark plug, poor quality fuel, or an unclean filter.

Also, all other elements, without exception high-speed screw, are obliged to work in accordance with the norm or low-speed jet, first of all rather than carry out any regulation of the carburetor low-speed screw.

In addition, if you have a strobe tachometer, adjusting the carburetor in the Poulan chainsaw carburetor saw will become much easier.

The best Poulan chainsaws have every chance to function air filter in the spectrum from 2800 up to 3400 turns at the moment in the idle process and also from 12000 up to 12500 turns at the moment in absolute gas adjustment screws.

Don't ignore safety rules using a chainsaw!

Don’t ignore safety rules!

  • Make sure that your motor saw is in a smooth plane, and that the Poular chainsaw carburetor is suspended due to the region.
  • Send everything, without exception, that is able to prevent the work of your chainsaw adjustment screws.
  • The most basic, you are required to carry safety equipment, such as leather gloves, large pants or durable covers for the purpose of a chainsaw dirty air filter, safety glasses, top with long sleeves, and special shoes together with a covered fertile, in order to exclude injuries when working with a saw. Do an audit and check out what safety accessories and clothing you don’t have yet.
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Once everything is configured correctly, you can proceed to the implementation of Poulan chainsaw’s carburetor adjustment.

Also check out tips for storing your chainsaw: How to Store a Chainsaw So It Doesn’t Leak Oil: 8 Steps to Proper Storage.

Adjusting the Idle Speed on a Poulan Chainsaw

The idle speed of your chainsaw is largely influenced by 2 different adjustments of the owner’s manual carburetor. Adjusting screws, along with a significantly, as well as low turning speed, have a great impact on the operation of the Poulan chainsaw’s carburetor in the process without the chainsaw’s engine engagement.

Idle control of the Poulan chainsaw’s carburetor function

Start adjusting the carburetor function of the chainsaw together with the opening owner’s manual of the low-speed nozzle after 1.5 seconds with a closed statement.

After starting the saw, adjust the carburetor’s low flow rate until the chainsaw dies and does not stand up in any way or practically does not stand up the same way while maintaining the presence of this intensive valve flap chainsaw’s engine.

Everything is done without exception, in case you can completely stop the fuel chain adjustment process in the process without marriage while maintaining the presence of these sensitive hydraulic choke chainsaw dies.

L and H Screws in a Poulan Chainsaw's Carburetor

T-shaped screws

On the one hand, you will need to tighten the T-shaped screws full throttle if the low-speed flow control does not allow the chainsaw maintenance to be completely delayed during the unwinding process.

Turn the T-shaped saw screw counterclockwise, allowing the motor easy to function at full throttle in a short time until it is possible to completely stop the air chain adjustment process.

Focus on the fact that a very powerful winding of the screws engine chain stops moving at idle adjustment procedure will lead to fruitless operation of the saw or its stop. Make sure that the fuel screws have been twisted idle hard enough to stop the chain stops from spinning.

L and H Screws, Explained

The air-oil composition is adjusted screws-like L in the underside of the valve flap run inefficiently of the chainsaw chain stops. Then the lower ending chain acts on the initial pressing of the trigger hook.

On the other hand, the air-oil composition is adjusted idle set correctly helically by the marked H valve flap marked L of the chainsaw chain stops along with considerable easy sensitivity gas chainsaw. Then came the limit period, if the expressions of the chainsaw Poulan chain motor reached the maximum.

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The change of the handle screws has a great influence on the work of the chainsaw valve flap, and in addition to low as well as large motor expressions now correctly set gas chainsaw.

How do you adjust your Poulan Chainsaw

Chapter FAQs

How do you adjust the H and L on a chainsaw?

The algorithm for setting up the chainsaw Poulan chain is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. Warming up the engine damage to operating temperature (the setting must be carried out only on a warmed-up engine, this will allow for more precise adjustment run inefficiently).
  2. Adjusting the engine for smooth operation at low rpm.
  3. Adjust the carburetor to the correct supply of the fuel mixture in the maximum rpm mode.
  4. Precise adjustment of the carburetor to idle operation.
  5. Checking the chainsaw in all modes.

What do the H screws and L screws do on a carburetor?

Almost all carburetor models have three adjusting screws.

  • The screw (T) is responsible for fine-tuning in idle speed mode.
  • Marked (H) screw setting the operation at maximum speed.
  • The marked (L) regulates the formation of the mixture at low rpm.

By tightening the marked (L) screw and marked (H) screw, the fuel supply and the mixture are depleted, respectively, and the speed increases.

If you still have questions about your chainsaw, check out the manufacturer’s website in FAQ section. And please, let me know in the comments if you succeeded in setting up your Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor, maybe your experience will help newbies.

Lastly on How to Adjust a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor

Adjusting the carburetor of a Poulan chainsaw does not require a bachelor’s degree or an authorized specialist certificate or license. You can do it yourself if you know what to do and how it should be done. We hope we’ve helped you with that.

But to do this job effectively, you need to use a special tool called a tachometer. Once you get it right, you just need to follow this guide and you’re done. Stay tuned for more posts on technical topics in our Tools and Equipment column!

And lastly, we found a worthwhile video by GenerationX about the Poulan model Pro 42cc PP4218A chainsaw. Do not thank!