2+Top Ways How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots - Best Tips

How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots (2023)

Nowadays cutting tree roots without killing trees is possible! Landscape trees give your garden plot a beautiful appearance and delight the owners. However, the roots of some trees become visible over time and come to the surface. This problem worries many homeowners, and they begin looking for ways how to control the situation and how to deal with exposed tree roots.

You should know that this is a natural process, and most of the roots are very close to the surface.

There are a few reasons why roots can breach the surface:

  1. They are looking for moisture and oxygen;
  2. Soil erosion due to rain and wind;
  3. Competition between nearby trees and other vegetation;
  4. Soil compaction for landscape changes;
  5. Natural growth and aging of a tree;
Not everyone knows that it is not necessary to cut a tree. If you want to carry out removing tree roots without killing the tree, then read this guide. It will definitely help you!

The Ways Of Fixing Exposed Tree Roots

2+Top Ways How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots - Best Tips
Tree roots

Tree life cannot do without a root system because it helps the tree get water and nutrients. But many people find the appearance of tree roots on the ground surface unattractive. Homeowners are wondering: how can they trim or remove the root system, manage its growth, without killing the tree?

Nowadays there are many ways that will help you to manage the root system and maintain tree health. A tree is a living organism, so you need to know about the right and wrong methods to care for its roots.

You can get help with:

  1. Covering exposed tree roots;
  2. Removing visible tree roots without killing your tree;
  3. Solving problems with exposed tree roots;
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 The first method is the best and most proven!

Covering the visible root system with compost or mulch will make the beautiful appearance of your garden and create a safe environment for root life. The most important thing is to make a safe zone at the base of the tree so that the lawnmower cannot trim there.

First, carefully remove the turf from under the tree. Mark the line between the future pavement and another part of the lawn. After that, you should cover the desired area with a layer of compost or mulch. This will protect the ground from soil erosion and hide the root system.

Make sure that you don’t accidentally put compost or mulch on the tree itself because this way the tree will rot. But do not overdo it! Too much mulch will not allow the tree to breathe and receive nutrients.

2+Top Ways How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots - Best Tips
Tree near the house

When you finally hide the root system, do not plant perennials on the resulting layer so as not to deprive the tree of nutrients and water.

There are a few more tips that will let you remove or trim the roots without harming the tree. Not everyone knows that there is such a thing as a drop-line of a tree. It means the border where the water needed to nourish the tree falls. If you remove the roots outside this border nothing bad will happen to the tree and its stability will remain.

However, if you still need to remove the roots inside this line, then we offer you a formula that will help you to determine how close you can remove the roots:

Trunk diameter x 10 = Minimum safe distance for root pruning.

In addition to covering the roots with mulch or compost, you can also raise the common ground layer. Order a couple of topsoil trucks and it’s best to do this in early spring. It may take several years for the grass to sprout again.

You can also cover the roots with dirt – this is the fastest and cheapest way! But again, you cannot pour too much dirt so that the tree can breathe. The layer of ground should not be more than 3 inches.

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Of course, you can also use the second method and get rid of exposed tree roots!

But this way is not recommended. Trees need their root systems in order to receive the necessary nutrients and to function stably. First of all, it is very dangerous for the tree and can kill it.

2+Top Ways How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots - Best Tips
The roots of the old tree

Cutting exposed tree roots should be done only in cases where the roots have spread very far and threaten, for example, the foundation of your house or other vegetation.

Therefore, for aesthetic and other reasons, the best way is to cover visible roots. If there is no other way, cut the roots with a diameter of less than a few inches, leave the thickest roots so that the tree remains healthy.

Unfortunately, having committed such actions, you are not immune to the premature death of your tree (in this case you can use a service of the company for free tree removal).  There is a very big risk that you damage the leaves and branches of a tree if you cut off its roots. Aspire to save the tree roots in order to avoid the rotting or death of a tree.

If you are removing tree roots, use a sharp cutting tool (chainsaw, hedge clippers). Other tools injure the tree, leading to diseases and pests. In any case, if you decide to remove the roots of the tree, hire an experienced lumberjack. There are times when a tree can no longer be helped and you have to cut it down.

USEFUL VIDEO: How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots

In this video, you can see a few reasons why roots can breach the surface. And you will find answers on how to avoid a problem?

Possible Problems Connected With The Visible Roots

Remember that there are several problems associated with visible tree roots. For example, some trees that have developed in a humid environment have roots located near the surface of the soil. This feature is possessed by maple, ash, willow.

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Why can the visible roots become a problem:

  • Children and adults may be injured if they do not notice the roots of the tree;
  • Visible roots interfere with pruning and gardening. If you accidentally touch the roots, the tree may die. It can also damage your garden equipment;
  • Disease, infection, and decay of a tree. This is harmful to the tree itself because the root system must be protected from damage;
  • Damage to the road or sidewalk. There are many examples of when the roots lifted, bent, or broke the road.
  • It is not aesthetically pleasing and spoils the exterior of your garden;
  • Other vegetation may die or become rare;

If you have one of these problems and have no experience in self-root removal, you can contact the company Dragonetti Brothers. The company from New York City offers a wide range of services and will help you with cutting tree roots without killing trees. Your trees will be safe with Dragonetti Brothers!

2+Top Ways How To Deal With Exposed Tree Roots - Best Tips
Tree near the house

Surface Root Prevention

Often you are able to avoid surface rooting. Follow these guidelines:

  1.  Consider the soil type, moisture level, the amount of light for planting a tree. If it grows in conditions suitable for it, the roots will not become visible;
  2. Water and fertilize trees so that the roots go deep underground;
  3. Carefully choose the types of trees, find out their features. The roots of some trees are prone to surface growth;

For the proper treatment of the exposed tree roots, call a specialist, and find out possible options to preserve the health of the tree. Fortunately, cutting tree roots without killing the tree is accessible to everyone!