How to Flatten Warped Wood: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Flatten Warped Wood: A Best Guide

Warped wood is very difficult to repair, particularly when you’re not sure of why it happened. Yet this doesn’t mean it’s the final word for the floorboards you love or your most loved piece of furniture in the event. That you do not know the best way to fix damaged wood, we’ll examine several ways to recognize and repair the warped wood as well as how to keep from having this issue at some point in the future. How to Flatten Warped Wood?

Reasons Wood Warps

How to Flatten Warped Wood


Humidity is among most important causes of warped wood. Wood is porous because it easily absorbs water from the air, which can make it more pliable.

If you’re using manufacturing wood with water resistance If you cover it with excessive heat lamp humidity it’ll begin to become warped.

The extra water absorbed by your wood doesn’t account for what causes it to warp, however. It’s the continual drying process that occurs every time the wood is exposed to water, and is then left to dry.

The constant changes in wood causes it to stretch and crack.

Wood shouldn’t not be dry!

Wood must a moisture have content in a humidity range of between 8 between 10% and 8 percent. A wood moisture meter to see the level of moisture in your wood in order to avoid shrinkage.

Heat and UV Exposure

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A third reason that can cause warped wood is the effect of heat lamp and UV radiation on wood fibers.

Since wood has a natural water content, when it subjected to radiation or extreme heat lamp. The wood starts to dry and may contract and bend.

However, the problem is more difficult if just side one of the wood exposed is wood. As an example, suppose you own a fence which protects trees, but only one aspect of the fence is sun exposure – it will only cause one piece of wood to shrink and become warped.

Insects and Pests

Are you storing your wood outdoors? Bugs, such as beetles and ants as well as other animals could eat away at the wood, causing the wood to become warped over time.

Insects and bugs bore through your wood and begin to eat away at it, it will begin to warp the wood with the course of time. It’s possible that you don’t notice it immediately However, as time passes along, you’ll begin to begin to see it.

It’s less likely to happen when you’re using wood pressure-treated, however, it’s possible.

Storing Wood on Top of Warped Boards


If you’re a homeowner with a huge quantity of wood You might find yourself inclined to pile them over one another to make it easier for storage.

If one board has already warped, and you place another 10 boards on top ironing board, It is a problem. When there is The pressure of the ironing board below will make the boards that are in the middle of them to begin warping too.

Low Quality Wood

Certain types of wood have higher quality in comparison to others. These differences could affect how easily they can shrink. Do not be misled, the least expensive woods don’t necessarily mean they are of the best quality. However, there are some.

In reality, one among the most crucial factors to consider when deciding if wood can be warped is the way it’s cut. Cheaper wood can be cut differently as the more costly choices and can result in more warping potential.

5 Types of Warped Wood

Wood warping

Bow Warping

When you’re shopping for lumber make sure you are aware of bow warping. It is a type of warping in which means the wood is bent inwards or outwards.

Twist Warping

Although you won’t come through this kind of warping very often however, it’s a good thing to be aware of. This kind of warping happens when the ends of the boards appear to twist in two opposite directions opposing direction.

Kink Warping

Kink warping happens in the case of a tiny portion an object has bent towards the back of wood. It flexes to make the wood uneven.

Cup Warping

Cup warping is one of the types of warping in wood that happens on huge pieces of wood where the central part of the board is a bit lower, and the edges curdle to the side.

Crooked Warping

The warping that is cut in crooked lines is an unusual type of warping, which resembles carve of the whole entire piece of surface made of wood.

How to Fix Warped Wood

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Supplies you Need

  • A warped piece of wood The piece of wood you’re trying to repair
  • Sheet of plastic or drop cloth to protect your work space
  • Steam Source This could include the kettle, the clothes for steamer, or iron
  • Towels to dampen and completely cover the wood
  • Clamps to apply force to wood that is warped
  • Weights that are heavy If you don’t have clamps it is possible to use objects that are heavy like bricks, books or even books
  • Sandpaper A variety of grits comprising coarser and finer grits
  • Wood glue In the event of cracks or splits in the wood which require fix warped wood, then you should repair them.
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1. First Safety:

Before starting make sure you’re in an area that is well ventilated. Use safety goggles, and should you need them gloves to safeguard your body from burning shards and steam.

2. Identify the Area Warped:
Take a look at the wood piece and identify the warped portion. Find out if it’s a convex warp (bowed outward) or a concave (bowed into the direction of). It will help you determine the best approach for fix warped wood the issue.

3. Workspace Prepare Your is a must:
Place a sheet of plastic or drop cloth for protection of your work flat surface.

4. Steam the Wood:
Convex warps (bowed inward) it is necessary to apply heat lamp to increase the moisture on the concave portion of. In order to do that, make use of steam source (kettle or clothes steamer or steam iron) to lightly apply steam to the concave part of your wood. The steam source should be kept in a safe distance the wood so that there are no burns or excessive heat. The steam should be applied for about minutes. Make sure that the wood is slightly damp.

5. If Pressure Apply:
Put a towel that is damp over the concave edge and utilize clamps to push the wood into a flat. Be sure that the pressure is evenly distributed across the warped surface region. If you do not have clamps or heavy objects, weights such as bricks or books as an alternative. The wood should be clamped, or weighted in place for up to 24 days.

6. Progress the Check:
Following the time-out after which you can take the weights or clamps off and inspect the wood. The wood should be smaller. If you’re not sure if it’s fix warped wood then you’ll need to go through the procedure again.

7. Sand the right way Wood:
After the wood has been flat Use sandpaper that has gradually more finer grits (starting with coarse grits and then moving towards higher the grits) to smooth any uneven or rough areas. Sand along the grain of the wood for greatest outcomes.

8. Apply Finish:
If the piece of wood requires an finish or paint then apply it by the instructions of the manufacturer. This is essential to protect the wood from the possibility of stretching.

9. Prevent Future Warping:
To prevent warping from occurring to prevent further when warping occurs, keep your wooden objects in a secure environment that has controlled humidity. Make use of a dehumidifier and/or humidifier whenever needed. Also, avoid the wood from extreme temperature fluctuations or excessive humidity.

Other Methods to Fix Warped Wood

The Sunlight Method

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This is not a good technique if the board you are trying to unwarp is dependent on time. The sunlight method is ideal in the absence of steam iron readily available. It is an old-fashioned method for removal of kinks and kinks on wood.

The method with towels requires making use of damp towel, a tiny bucket of water table that is resistant to water as well as your own warped board or piece wood.

Similar to the method used previously Submerge once they’re soaked you can ring them up until they’re damp the damp towel into the bucket of water then. Cover your wood piece in damp towel and set the twisted part in front of the table.

Put it in the area which receives the direct sunlight and the greatest amounts of sun over the longest time, then repeat the process for 3-4 days. Stop once you’ve reached your preferred design.

The Heat Method

The method of heating is a general phrase for the use of heat. Heating is among the most simple (and quicker) methods of fixing warped wood with an issue with warping. Heating can be applied by using light sources, heal lamps, steam, irons and ovens.

The heating of the area affected or all of the wood will in making the wood less pliable. You could either use weights or fix warped wood the entire board by using clamps so that you can achieve the ideal design. Remember that you can not only level but also bend wood.

Keep in mind that using the heating of wood is an artifact, since you shouldn’t apply too much heat. You do not want to use only a little heat. Also, you’ll need the process of heating to be uniform so that there is no chance of warping.

The Pressure Method

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Pressure is typically a force that you can visualize after the wood is put in place, however it could be employed to treat warpage. It is not suggested for those trying to fix warped wood the warpage issue quickly and can require up to days based upon your previous experience and the the tools available.

This method of pressure is described by applying damp moist paper towels on the area of wood that is affected and wrapping the board with plastic.

The basic idea behind this method is to permit the flat surface of the the wood board that has been warped to take in the water from the damp towel, without the other side being affected. This is why the wrap of plastic. Take off the plastic wrap and set the board onto a flat area with the warped side with the upwards facing.

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Use two clamps to steadily secure each edge of the board against the table’s edge and use an electric heater on the area affected until the board should be in a straight line with the top of the table. Like we said earlier, the procedure can take several days.

The Nylon Paper Method

Our opinion is that the process of using nylon sheets is the easiest and fastest way to remove warping from wood. The process requires nylon paper, damp or moist paper towels, as well as some bricks that can be easily sourced from, however you may use a different material with a similar weight, if you need to.

You can simply place the wooden block on a flat surface, with the twisted surface facing upwards.

Grab a damp towel and wrap your wooden table in it, afterwards, wrap the newly covered wooden board with nylon paper.

After the board is covered with a damp towel and then the nylon paper towel, simply set your bricks or another weighty object over the area of wood that is bent. This method depends on the flexibility of damp wood as well as the force exerted on it by bricks.

Because the wood is more malleable within the section that has been impacted by the damp town, and the moisture is protected from the nylon paper towels the weight can help to smooth the board back to its warped, unaltered state.

How To Ensure Your Wood Does Not Warped wood warping

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Once you have learned how to repair warped wood but you must also learn how to keep the wood from expanding at all. We’ll be the first to tell you that after you’ve spent hours and efforts to fix warped wood, or endless hours looking at YouTube videos on how to remove warping from wood of various dimensions and shapes

You will become more careful about how you take care of the wood. There are several methods to ensure that the wood doesn’t warp.

How to Store Wood to Prevent Warping

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Warpage within the commercial sector is usually caused by poor storage methods. When wood is exposed to the elements while at the site of work, factors such as early morning dew extreme sunlight, wind, and the weight of things placed over the wood could make it warp.

Storage of wood may be boring after an extended workday, or after you’ve completed your personal undertaking however the amount you’ll save by not buying a brand new piece of wood, as well as your time spent getting the wood back in shape is worth the effort.

Wood is a creature that needs the same amount of water like the surroundings around it Therefore, you must limit the pace that it gets to this equilibrium, also known as EMC or the equilibrium content of moisture.

It is possible to do this by putting it into the kiln of sunlight and placing it on top of the ground in a two-directional stack that has enough space between the layers for air flow or simply putting it within an enclosed space with an elevated structure like a shed or storage facility.

Keep in mind that it’s easy and quicker to regulate the conditions which the wood is stored instead of figuring out the best way to remove warp from wood.

Make Your Wood Moisture Proof

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This may sound a little similar to something from the world of science fiction however there are many ways to be sure your wood is watertight as well as resistant to moisture and the heat. The most often responsible for the removal of heat and water are usually the main suspects when warpage occurs within wood. They regulate the contraction and expansion ratio of wood fibers.

the erratic application of these forces can cause the wood to bend, warp or even break open. There are a few methods to shield the wood fibers you have from these forces nearly completely.

The process of preparing your wood, and then applying the products coatings of such as Polyurethane varnish, liquid latex high-performance epoxy sealants or even oil-based coatings are a great way to insulate your flat surface as well as the exposed edges of the wood to block moisture and heat from coming in.

These coatings not only keep your wood safe from heat and moisture, they also enhance as well your aesthetic appeal as the impact resistance as well as scratch resistance of your wood. It is recommended to apply one or two of these before you attach your wood to something.

Check Wood Thoroughly When Purchasing

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Warping of wood due to an error of your own isn’t a problem however buying a piece of wood and the subsequent task of figuring out the best way to straighten warped wood which ought to have been offered to you in a usable state is an extremely frustrating process.

It is important to give the piece of wood you’re about to buy a quick check before you hand over the money you’ve earned should be a reflex. This is especially difficult when a salesperson is slamming into your ear, telling you everything and anything, they believe you must be able to hear them to get their desired number of customers to the day.

There are a few items that you should check to make sure that the cord you’re purchasing doesn’t come with any unpleasant unexpected surprises in store for you once you arrive back home.

If you’re buying engineered wood, you should take an eye on areas where the veneer appears and examine for any spaces or gaps between the layers. Also, when you purchase solid wood, you could examine it against the wood surrounding it, or any other object that is that is straight and objectively straight to provide a great basis.

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The most straightforward way to determine if wood is warped is to align your eyes to the edges of the wood and gaze at the flat surface straight across, when it changes from the straight line, this might be a sign that the wood has been stretched. Also, you can test the wood for moisture as damp wood can weigh more than dry wood.

Do Not Over-Dry Your Wood warping

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The requirement to straighten warped wood typically comes because water is vaporizing too fast and on different parts in the plank. However, drying too much wood could cause wood to crack, which is why maintaining an appropriate balance of humidity is essential.

The drying process could cause wood to turn fragile and warp in certain circumstances due to not enough moisture within the wood fibers. While it can be a great fuel for fires (maybe that’s what you’re looking for) however, to be used for building the results are not a good idea.

Straighten warped wood which has drying and becoming brittle an extremely time-consuming and laborious process so monitoring your dry-out process is a high prioritization. If you want to elevate this process up a notch, it is possible to purchase a moisture meter that is specifically made to track the temperature inside a closed space, or if there is a deep pocket, then you can purchase a wood moisture gauge that will give you an exact reading of just how much moisture you have within your wood’s fibres.

Tips to Keep Wood from Warping

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Store in a Cool Dry Place

  • The most effective way to safeguard the wood against warping keeping it stored in a dry, cool place. Also, do not keep your wood outside!
  • Insuring it is kept inside can help regulate the temperature and humidity levels of your wood to ensure it won’t begin to warp from the beginning.
  • Check the humidity in the space to be sure that you don’t have a problem however, in the majority of cases the case that it’s within the home, you’ll be fine.
  • If you’re planning to store wood inside an outside shed, you may be required to check the amount of moisture in the air in case.

Inspect Your Boards When Purchasing Them

When you buy lumber, if you discover that it’s damp, it might be being treated by pressure. If not, and appears to be wet, you should avoid this entire piece at all costs.

It is also important to examine them visually for apparent warps to avoid any.

Add Waterproofing

The wood waterproofing of your wood will help to decrease the amount of moisture within your wood, which causes it to become warped.

There are numerous ways to apply treatment to untreated wood for better security.

I would recommend finishing your wood with polyurethane for water resistance so you can avoid warping at some point in the future. Although it may take a bit of time, the results are worthwhile.

Don’t Dry it Out Completely

It is well-known that wood warps due the fluctuation of moisture levels within and around the wood. If the wood goes through excessive wet and dry cycles, there’s a good chance that it will begin being warped.

If you’re looking to lessen the moisture content of the wood, be careful to avoid drying the wood enough to the point at which it begins breaking or cracking.

The best woods are those that have water in them. If you take every drop of moisture out of them the unwarping wood will begin to become dry and less durable.


In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about flattening warped wood. We have covered the causes of wood, the types of unwarp wood, and the effects of straightening warped wood on unwarping wood working projects.

We have also discussed the essential tools and materials needed for flattening warped wood, as well as the techniques for flattening straighten warped wood. Finally, we have provided some tips for preventing wood warping. Remember, mastering the art of fix warped wood working takes patience and practice.

With the right tools, techniques, and knowledge, you can fixing warped wood and create beautiful, flat surface for your woodworking projects.


Can you straighten warped wood?

To make unwarping wood the wood it is necessary to alter the level of moisture at the opposite side of the unwarping wood. Take a look at the broken warped board and find its inside.
The fix warped wood straightening warped wood is becoming dry and losing their force. Water can be used to decrease tension, and let the straighten warped wood to soften.

How do you reverse warping in wood?

The easiest method of fixing warped wood that is warped surface is by using the use of steam iron bend techniques. The damp paper towels damp towel cloth should be placed in an incredibly hot kettle of water.
Then, hold it with a bent shape until they get the shape they had hoped to achieve. A clamping tool or a glue block is helpful in this job.

How do you plane warped wood flat?

Take the wood warp board off the spool, and then insert strip skids in grooves. Join them to double-sided tape. You can also tip them into hot adhesive. The strips should be brought down to your planer. When it’s smooth, take off the strips and you can plan it in the reverse direction.