Is Ash Tree Good for Firewood? Pros and Cons of Using Ash for Firewood

Is Ash Tree Good for Firewood? Pros and Cons of Using Ash for Firewood

If you depend on wood for heating your house during winter months, it’s recommended to choose fuel that is efficient and is easily accessible. Is ash tree good for firewood?

Ash is great for burning firewood since it’s a pure burning wood which produces a decent quantity more heat of warmth.

Ash firewood has a pleasant smell and will not make your hands smell sour. It is, according to some, the most suitable firewood for you to utilize!

Is Ash Tree Good for Firewood?
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Is Ash Tree Good for Firewood?

Characteristics ash firewood

Ash is a wood that implies it burns burns hot and offer the greatest warmth for its weight. It is clean burning with no smoke, and produces only a some sparks.

The trees are able to thrive in both cool and warm climates on damp, well-drained soils, as well as in places where there is enough sun.

Green Ash is a popular tree Green Ash is widely planted as a street tree throughout the United States.

It’s a sturdy tree, resistant to many ailment However, it has recently been targeted with the Emerald ash good firewood Borer beetle which is responsible for the death of thousands of trees throughout Canada and the United States and Canada.

The Emerald Ash Borer, is widely believed to have been accidentally introduced into Asia at times in the 90s and first discovered within Michigan around 2002.

This insect spread quickly across North America, devastating local populations of trees. The larvae of beetles burrow into the tree, and then feed on the bark’s inner part before eventually decimating the entire tree.

  • Bark: If the bark is intact, take a look to see if adjacent ridges can be seen. For ash firewood trees, the lines will be significantly bigger and resemble jagged mountains’ tops. Hickory, on the other hand, features a more subtle pattern, and maple is characterized by a more precise sequence of lines that run across the bark.
  • Color: The majority of people are able to recognize ash firewood just by looking at it due to its distinctive white ash-washed color that is prevalent across the wood. The majority of hardwood is darker, with a deep brown middle.
  • Grains: Ash’s grain is more difficult for people to distinguish, however they will help avoid the risk of different woods. Oak is characterized by its highly visible lines which extend from the middle up to the outer edge of the bark. In contrast, ash firewood has a more subdued appearance.
  • Leaves: Leaves can be another excellent way to determine the species of ash tree. Jack of All Clades Jack of All Clades on YouTube offers a clever method of locating an ash tree. He shows us that leaves are directly in opposition of one another.
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Ash Firewood varieties

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Ash firewood is available in two primary types: Green Ash firewood and White Ash firewood, which are somewhat different and have the same characteristics but distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Green Ash Firewood

Green Ash tree is famous for their durability, allowing beautiful shade and the ability to thrive in an array of soils.

They can reach 70 feet tall, and can live more than 100 years.

In the years since Dutch Elm disease ravaged American Elm trees, Green Ash has become popular and is substituting them across in the United States.

Green ash firewood produce coals is not as popular as white ash species or firewood made of ash firewood. Cutting wet wood with a chainsaw requires attention and special skills.

It weighs a bit more than after drying, and is lighter in weight, has high heat output, lower BTU of less heat and is much more straightforward to cut.

White Ash Firewood

The native North American tree provides shade for a variety of public areas across the country. It is also known for its stunning fall leaves.

They can reach in size ranging from 30-120 feet in height as well as 40-50 feet tall in width.

White Ash is well-known for its commercial applications, and is often employed in baseball bats and tool handles because of its durability and strength.

It weighs heavier then Green ash firewood when dried, it has less heat and has higher BTU of heat as well as being more difficult to break.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Burning Ash Firewood

It may appear that burning ash firewood could be ideal for cooking however, there are a few advantages and disadvantages split ash firewood produce coals to be considered prior to adding it into your pile of wood.


  • A subtle scent when it is burned
  • Burns in high temperatures
  • It can burn for lengthy periods of time.


  • It can be difficult to split.
  • Further Creosote accumulates within the fireplace.
  • The slowing rate of the growth caused by pests will lead to higher costs
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Seven Reasons To Burn Firewood

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1. Versatile High-Quality Fuel

If you’re not sure which kind of firewood is the best fit for their requirements, Ash wood is the ideal firewood choice for those who want to get something to use in the appliances that you use.

It has its aesthetics and the easy-to-lighting characteristics of Birch as well as a long fire time like Oak and will go further into in the following points.

2. Reliable High Heat Source

Bring the heat up to your house quickly by using Ash wood.

Efficiency ratio of high heat output to volume of fuel used is what makes ash produces an ideal choice for those who use firewood as the primary heating source.

Ash can be used as an energy source in barbecues or pizza ovens that allow them to attain the temperature desired for cooking within a short period of time and to provide crunchy textures and delicious smoky flavors.

3. The Power of a Strong and Bright Flame

Ash is a reliable source of light, as in addition to heat output, which can combat the cold winter evenings and also visually enhance the interior of your house, therefore it’s ideal for any occasional fire-pitter who is just looking to add some flair to their fireplace.

Although it’s glowing, the flame is steady burns hot and consistent when the wood heats up which makes it suitable for burning outdoors at fire pits, chimineas and campfires as well.

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4. Long Standin Firewood Product

Ash is among the very first, and most highly rated product lines of firewood that is sold from white ash

Horse Energy, which has been praised by more than 2300 customers on Feefo with an average review of 4.5/5.

Each time our customers who have returned reported their satisfaction with our products, describing ash firewood being a reliable and efficient wood fuel.

Ash firewood is also an extremely well-known, top selection of wood species for professionals in the community of firewood for many decades.

5. Subtle Aroma ash trees

After being burnt, ash firewood doesn’t have a particular scent or aroma that is distinctive and is considered to be preferred by many people who use ash good firewood for.

Unlike eucalyptus firewood, ash firewood has a neutral aroma and can make a great basis for cook fuel when paired with other woods that have a scent including apple and cherry

6. Long Burn Duration: Tips and Tricks

Ash is a ash firewood wood with the benefits of burning longer and with a consistent rate, while it is still relatively simple to handle, thanks to its more compact grain but small thick layer of bark.

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It means Ash wood can be burned efficiently even without mixing with different types of wood.

This is an ideal fuel for wood lovers and beginners alike, offering a pleasing performance for the price from the timber.

7. Excellent Quality & Output

Each of these attributes is an indication of this timber’s high quality.

The performance of great wood in the fire in relation to the energy required make the crate well worth every cent you spend.

It will provide you with a set of wood that’s going to last an extended time and provide the most quality for the price.

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The wood that comes from Ash trees is tough yet flexible in the same way that makes it the ideal material to make baseball bats, hockey sticks tennis paddles, and canoe paddles.

The other common applications for Ash wood include millwork, flooring, boxes and crates and various different objects like tool handles.

Veneers made from Ash trees are utilized for the production of office furniture.

Ash trees also are utilized in the manufacture of musical instruments, such as drums, electric guitars, and other instruments.

In addition, ash firewood perfect to burn green keep your home warm however, it also makes an excellent firewood to smoke the meat!

Its sturdy structure, appealing design, and durability are what give ash firewood the perfect timber to stairs.

The stairs made of ash firewood are very durable that is especially important in the case of treads (the portion of a staircase which is used to step on).

There are numerous kinds of firewood available.

But, not all the possibilities are available to you because some species green firewood can only be found in particular areas of the United States.

My opinion is that white ash is an excellent firewood choice because it is clean burning and warm.


How long does it take to season ash wood?

It is a popular choice by most firewood lovers due to its short period of ash that may last as long as twelve months.

What burns better ash or oak?

Oak ash is an excellent burning material which is warm, quick, clean and easy to maintain. If there are other options, we suggest oak, since its heat burns faster and ash produces much more coal. Tree sustainability must be taken into consideration.