Palm Tree Trimming Near Me: How to Choose a Service Company

Palm Tree Trimming Near Me: How to Choose a Service Company

Chances are everyone has seen palm trees that look like they’ve been in a drought for years? And that’s because of the withered brown fronds that spoil the whole look of the palm tree. Palm tree trimming near me is what every homeowner is looking for in such a situation.

Let’s discuss why it’s worth trimming palm trees, how much such trimming costs, and how to choose the right palm tree care service.

Why Palm Fronds Turn Brown

Wonder why palm trees turn yellow and even brown? This is a natural process that is part of the life of palm tree leaves, or in other words, fronds.

Palm fronds are the foliage on palm trees, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Palm trees are evergreen plants, and their fronds stay green all year long. Deciduous trees shed their leaves each fall for spring renewal. Palm trees also need to renew from time to time. And when a palm frond reaches its ultimate age and size, it must give the way to new palm tree leaves.

Palm tree with brown leaves

Why palm trees need to be trimmed

When palm tree fronds get old, they first turn yellow, then orange and brown, and eventually get dry. Dead palm tree leaves give an abandoned look to the palm tree and the whole landscape around it.

Dried out palm leaves crumble in the wind and litter the area around them. Moreover, the palm tree can stay that way for weeks or sometimes months.

Removing brown palm tree leaves is necessary for your garden to have a well-kept appearance. In addition, pruning helps palm trees stay healthy. So, you really need your palms to be trimmed.

Can I do without palm tree trimming?

The good news is that some palms don’t require dead fronds to be pruned. Here they are:

  1. Veithchia palm trees,
  2. Royal Palm trees,
  3. Foxtail palm trees.

These palms are special as they can naturally shed their dead leaves without help. And all happy homeowners have to do is simply pick up them on the ground. If you ever have the choice of which palm tree to plant on your property, you know what to do.

So, you don’t have to look for it, here’s what the Royal Palm trees look like:

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Royal palm trees can shed their dead leaves without help

How often do you need to trim palm tree fronds

Some species of palm trees are able to clean themselves by shedding the bottom layer of their leaves. Such palms do not need trimming, only maintenance. As for the rest, palm trees don’t need to be trimmed too often. It largely depends on the palm species and the environment in which the palm trees grow.

Usually, the variants growing in warm environments can survive anywhere between 7 to 10 decades.

The average lifespan of palm fronds is three to five years. The new growth starts from the center of the crown, and older leaves are moved to the edge, forming a skirt. Sometimes a few individual fronds turn yellow, less often all branches in a circle do so. Thus, trimming once a year or so is sufficient.

DIY or hire a palm tree trimming service?

If the palm trees in your front yard are not tall, you’ll do just fine on your own. To DIY trimming of dying fronds, all you need is a garden ladder, pruning shears, goggles, and protective gloves. Enlist a helper to back up with the ladder if necessary. But first, read this article just in case: The dangers of DIY tree cutting: What a gardener needs to know.

But if the palm trees in your yard are taller than 15 feet, you should consider professional palm tree trimming services. Now we’ll get into how to choose a palm tree trimming pro. Here are the steps a reputable palm tree removal service takes.

DIY trimming of dying palm fronds

Palm Tree Trimming Process

It is worth saying that a reliable and experienced company does not only remove palm leaves, but also provides many related services. You are interested in hiring a company that doesn’t so much trim as takes care of palm trees, aren’t you?

So, here’s the process that trustworthy palm tree trimming services offer.

Step 1. Palm tree assessment

The first step is for professionals to assess whether the wood is strong enough to climb. It is also important to estimate the height of the palm tree and how much work is to be done at the top.

Not all palm trees are safe enough, some, especially leaning ones, may not be able to support the extra weight. Cut a leaning tree.

Chicken palm tree removal services have to use special lifting equipment.

In many cases, professionals only need a photo or video to assess the situation without an on-site visit. This is very handy if you want to get quotes from multiple contractors. You got the idea, didn’t you?

to estimate the height of the palm tree

Step 2. Discussing the cost of the service

Trusted palm tree removal services provide free estimate. The palm tree trimming cost, which you get from a contractor, should include all phases of the work, including cleanup and debris removal.

Comparing offers from different services, you can choose the best price and get the date convenient to your schedule.

Step 3. Trimming the palm tree

The next step after making the deal is to have specialists come to your yard and begin the palm tree trimming process. The difficulty and duration of the work largely depends on the height of your palm tree.

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The average height of a palm tree is between 20 and 50 feet, but some are worth talking about in particular:

The tallest species of palm tree in the world is the wax palm which can grow to a staggering height of 200 feet in its native home of the Andes.

We hope this is not your case, or your arborists will have to rent a helicopter for the job.

Step 4. Cleaning up after palm tree trimming

After the dead fronds are removed, they become waste on the ground. Now it is the job of the palm tree removal services to clean up and remove all debris from your property.

However, if you want to save money and are willing to do a bit of work yourself, it is not difficult to clean up the debris on your lawn. The main thing is not to wait until the dry leaves attract insects and the wind blows them all over the front yard.

Palm fronds debris to clean up and remove

Palm Tree Trimming Near Me: 5 Criteria for Hiring Pro Guys

After analyzing many websites, we are ready to tell you how to choose a palm tree trimming service worthy of your trust. You can form your own opinion of palm tree trimming services near you based on these criteria:

  1. the cost of pruning a palm tree,
  2. services available from this company,
  3. whether the company has professional equipment,
  4. services for business,
  5. customer reviews, and ratings.

#1 Palm tree trimming costs

On average, palm tree trimming costs vary by height:

  • 20 to 30 feet is $50 to $100,
  • 30 to 60 feet is $75 to $400,
  • 60 feet and up is $200 to $1,200.

We suggest requesting prices from several palm tree trimming services to find out the cost in your location. As an option, try teaming up with your neighbors and hiring a palm tree trimming service together.

Collective ordering often saves money for the customer and time for the contractor. You can easily find a companion by yellow, orange or brown leaves on their palm trees. See more in How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost on Average.

Yellow palm fronds to trim

#2 What is a complete care of palm trees

Maintaining palms is not just about trimming dry fronds. Palm trees need care just like any other plant. When choosing a contractor, give preference to one with a full range of services.

After all, you have your palm tree not only today, but for the next decade at least. So, when you need right nutrients for your trimmed palm tree, you will already know where to go.

In fact, soil fertilization is especially in demand where soils are sandy. Water passes through quickly and it is hard for the roots to get nutrients. To grow healthy, palm trees really need to be fertilized.

Palm tree care includes:

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palm tree Cristmas lighting

#3 Why professional palm tree trimming equipment is important

Working at great heights, palm tree removal contractors strictly observe safety rules. Neglecting safety dangers can be irreparably expensive.

Before agreeing to a tempting price, check out the photos on their website. If they have equipment for high-rise work, these photos are sure to be on the site. I guess that the more variety of equipment pictured, the more experience this company has.

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast and are not inclined to let strangers on your property, the photo gallery may tell you how to securely place a ladder, attach a safety rope, and what tools to take. Maybe you’ll find something useful here: Tree Removal Equipment: Tools And Machines That Will Be Used .

Pro Palm Tree Trimming Near Me

#4 Residential and commercial tree services

All contractors are willing to work with residential palm tree trimming, but not every contractor is ready to work with commercial properties. This is due to some difficulties in bank settlements, paperwork, and other nuances. Remember, each state has a free tree removal for seniors program.

If you are a businessman rather than a homeowner, check with the contractor right away to see if they will take the job. Commercial palm tree trimming and proper maintenance are very important as they can be associated with a healthy and strong business.

In any case, lush new growth is nicer than falling brown fronds, isn’t it?

#5 Reviews and customer feedback

Speaking of testimonials, we don’t mean to believe the loud exclamations of amazing job or delightful service. Pay attention to whether these customers were from your area, how high their palm trees were, and whether they were repeat customers.

By the way, excellent oil can be obtained from the pulp of palm fruits. It is one of the oldest food products that was known in ancient Egypt, It is one of the best grill oils.

Finally: Palm Tree Care Near Me

Palms grow wherever they can get enough heat. Palm tree removal and palm tree trimming is a common service in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and other southern states. Most homeowners take serious care of their trees, from routine fertilization to rescuing a dying palm tree.

When choosing palm tree trimming near your home, ask for quotes from more than one contractor. It’s easy to get an estimate by photo or video, especially since it’s free. Team up with your neighbors to get a discount for a large order, as I can judge from my experience, palm tree trimming services are always open to dialogue. Here are some more tips on How to negotiate tree removal company: Simple steps to agreement.

P.S. Palm Grass Care

And we saved something interesting for the very end. Did you know that palm trees are grass? Watch this video and learn how to take care of your palm grass!