The dangers of DIY tree cutting

The dangers of DIY tree cutting : what a gardener needs to know

Some homeowners believe that DIY tree removal is an easy process. They ignore contacting tree service and that’s a mistake. In fact, a lot of deaths occur due to thoughtless tree removal.

So, everyone should be aware of the dangers of DIY tree cutting that should be taken into account during the tree removal procedure. Let’s see what the risk is.

Can I cut down a large tree myself?

Of course, in theory, you can do anything, but we certainly do not recommend resorting to DIY tree removal if you are not a professional tree service employee.

During the tree removal procedure, hundreds of difficult moments may arise, which will put your life and safety at risk. Why, knowing about the dangers, risk yourself? In addition, it should be borne in mind that by cutting down a tree yourself, you risk not only yourself and your property but also the property and safety of others.

In order to better understand the severity of the DIY tree removal problem, let’s look at the dangers of DIY tree removal.

What are the dangers of cutting down trees?

The dangers of DIY tree cutting
The danger of DIY tree cutting

The biggest reason people don’t want to hire a professional tree removal service is to save money. However, this is not worth your injured arm or any other part of your body as a result of failing to handle the equipment or falling down the stairs. When you’re done, be sure to clean the clear brush.

If you are still convinced that professional tree cutting service removal is a waste of money, read the article below.


The dangers of DIY tree cutting

  • Gravity

You cut a tree trunk and it falls. It would seem to be the end of the process, but look: a tree falls directly on your house or power lines. Destroy power lines at not safe distance terrible because you cause irreparable property damage to yourself or your neighbors.

Do not think that power lines are insured against the fact that they will falling tree limbs where it is not necessary. Even if you think through everything to the smallest detail, a tree that has fallen in the wrong place can still cause damaging property.

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The worst thing in this situation is insurance. The insurance may not cover the costs of restoring the house. And also nothing can now make amends to the neighbors who were left without electricity due to the fact that you broke power lines.

  • Falling Injury
The dangers of DIY tree cutting
The dangers of DIY cutting

Obviously, the most important danger during DIY tree removal is falling from a height. You can simply shift the weight incorrectly and fall at any moment. This can cause both minor and terrible injuries.

  • Dangerous tree Branches and Limbs

Tree branches or limbs can also cause injury if they are poorly attached to a tree trunk that falls to the ground. Then the people on earth are in danger.

  • Decaying Wood

Decaying wood means a tree and branches that can fall at any moment and you will not be able to predict it. If you notice the process of decay that has begun in your tree, you need to seek professional arborists help to get a safely done job and the right permits.

  • Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaws can cause the most terrible and unpredictable injuries for the reason that sometimes they can bounce off and a person is not ready for such an unexpected action.

The dangers of DIY tree removal thinking

The dangers of DIY tree cutting

Here are the serious accidents that happen to people who start DIY tree removal thinking without expertise.


Very often unwise homeowners believe that they are able to cope with a chainsaw while at a high altitude. Climbing the ladder for tree limbs and at the same time holding chainsaw pants in your hands, you are obviously putting yourself at risk since at any moment you can not cope with a chainsaw, lose your balance on the ladder for tree limbs and cause yourself terrible and dangerous weight distribution.

Improper Tools

Properly selected equipment (right chainsaws), as well as compliance with safety regulations, protective suits, and other precautions necessary for safe DIY tree removal is the key to success.

However, in order to choose and buy the right tools and equipment, you will need to spend a lot of money. It will be cheaper to use the DIY tree trimming service. Otherwise, failure to comply with the above rules tree trimming will lead to an accident or injury.

Lack of Knowledge or Experience

Ignorance is what leads to the worst consequences during DIY tree removal. Don’t get down to removing trees if you don’t know the technique and other nuances about loose limbs.


Make sure that you are really allowed to do the tree cutting. If you do not do this, then it could lead to fines paid.

Can you cut a tree down yourself?

The dangers of DIY tree cutting
DIY tree cutting dangers

Of course, you can if you have the same knowledge as professional trained arborist or if you act the same way as a tree service employee would. Otherwise, if you do not have enough knowledge, we treat you categorically negatively if you neglect all the warnings and thoughtlessly start cutting the wood yourself as you take it into your head.

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Technique, knowledge of the details of the tree felling job, precautions – you need to know all this if you want to perform DIY tree removal.

Video: The tree removal professionals cutting


Is cutting a tree illegal?

It is NOT illegal to perform DIY tree removal on your property IF the tree is not protected by the city for decaying wood patches.

In any case, we advise you to ask for recommendations from a certified arborist or a local authority about whether you can cut down a particular tree biology or this tree is protected.

Tree felling safety procedures

The dangers of DIY tree cutting

Do You Need an Approval?

We advise you to ask for recommendations from an arborist wrong direction or a local authority about whether you can cut down a particular tree.

Do You Have The Right decaying wood trees Felling Equipment council approval?

In order to avoid the risks and safely perform tree removal with proper safety gear, you will need special tools and expertise. If you don’t neighbor’s property all of this, you can’t do the tree removal extremely hazardous.

Instead, contact tree service, professionals, or arborists who are trained to carry out tree removal. Believe us, you will save a lot more if you listen to our advice. Also, you will get rid of the risks of personal injury.

Do You Understand Tree Felling Safety Procedures wood chippers?

Safety has a special weight in this matter for the reason that such dangerous procedures require professional training. If you take this job without proper knowledge, you will put your life at risk.

Chapter FAQ

What are the dangers of cutting down trees?

The uncontrolled destruction of forests leads to the following negative consequences:

  1. Some species of flora and fauna disappear
  2. Species diversity is decreasing
  3. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere begins to increase (about the consequences of global warming)
  4. Soil erosion occurs, which leads to the formation of deserts
  5. In places with high groundwater levels, waterlogging begins

What is the safest way to cut down a tree?

This safely fell method is used to remove tree physics 3-6 m high, if the tree is taller that risks involved, it is better to entrust its cutting to professionals.

If the tree has a thick crown, then first you need in safety glasses to cut down thin and medium branches from the ground, then, putting a ladder to the tree, cut down higher dangerous branches.

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When the trunk is cleared of all small and medium branches, you can start cutting the thickest remove branches, don’t cut power line and electrical wires.

This procedure will allow you to work in comfortable conditions, because small and medium-sized loose branches will not interfere with cutting down the thickest branches.

It is necessary to cut off thick branches so that there are convenient platforms with which it will be possible to move around the trunk. Only after removing all the branches, you can start sawing the trunk, from which pieces are cut off with a length of 100-150 cm uneven ground.

It is undesirable to cut the trunk in longer pieces, because the longer they are, the harder it is to direct them in the right direction, standing on a ladder or on a branch of the trunk.

Is it healthy to cut trees?

It is undesirable to cut down local council trees, but there are situations when it is necessary, then we take two rules into account:

it is important to do this not in valuable wild forests (or MLT — intact forest territories), the area of which in the world has already decreased by 12% from 2000 to 2020 and continues to decrease at a high rate;

the forest needs to be grown on suitable lands or help it recover on its own.

When should you not cut trees?

There is no unequivocal ban on cutting down a tree on your own plot. But if we are talking about a valuable breed (oak, beech, ash, cedar, linden, hornbeam, elm, black alder, chestnut), it is better to get a logging ticket.

Already fall-free dangerous tools tree are cut down without problems (if you only need to fill the roots that still cling to the ground) and tree hits of non-valuable species (for example, aspens, garden apple trees, or pears).

Final words the dangers of DIY tree cutting

Well, now it’s time to draw conclusions. We hope that this information was able to convince you that you need to hire a professionally trained arborist if you suddenly needed to perform tree removal. A couple of hundred bucks saved on tree removal is not something for which you need to take risks and get injured or even die.

So go and contact a certified tree service and get safely tree cutting without any risks!

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