Best Tree Cutting Machine Name - The Scorpion King (2021)

The Ultimate Tree Cutting Machine Name – The Scorpion King

As time goes by, the earth’s spines and technologies develop, what one day is considered science fiction, the next one becomes the most ordinary reality. Remember calling a team of lumberjacks with saws and donuts to take down and mill an evergreen, then waiting an eternity for them to finish the work? Today you can have it done in minutes with the tree cutting machine name – the Scorpion King.

It’s a machine with eight tracked wheels and an extendable arm. Like many brilliant things, a Finnish company producing these monstrous cutting tree machines started with its owner Einari Vindren getting fed up with equipment dysfunctions in logging operations.

Tree cutting machine name the Scorpion King

Ponsse harvesters were created with longevity in mind, supported by the idea of getting rid of the heavy-duty equipment failure even in complex tasks, leaving their competitors hemorrhaging hydraulic fluid whilst these fierce tree-cutting vehicles would still be roaming remote forests.

Capable of tackling a wide range of operations – from forest trimming to strip harvesting – these cutting trees machine’s names became recognizable in foresting circles in association with surprising luxury traits. Interoperable heads, eight-track tires, rotating joints, extended cab, and powerful engine – creators of the Scorpion King brought them all together to create an ultimate machine that cuts down trees.Tree cutting machine name the Scorpion King best tool to cut tree branches.

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Best Tree Cutting Machine Name - The Scorpion King (2021)
Ponsse the Scorpion King
  1. Harvester’s interoperable heads are the unique feature that makes them proud. With this amazing tree cutting machine name the Scorpion King, you receive all together with a set of different heads suitable for different kinds of trees, from new growth sprouts to old-growth forests, that are designed to latch at the base, sever the tree of any size and lop it into logs. Like any good tool, these heads require proper care, including maintenance, sharpening, and, when the time comes, replacement. Here are some types of heads you will encounter when setting your heart on a Ponsse harvester:
    • H10 – the standard head coming with the Scorpion King that is perfect for taking down big evergreens
    • H8 is a smaller one and is designed for new growth forests and thinning operations
    • H7 is inferior in size to the two mentioned above and performs more subtle and sensitive operations
  2. Balance and ground are two of the main pillars of successful operation since it would be a shame to get your enormous investment buried in dirt and mud. Expanding the vehicle surface area with the help of the eight-track tires enables the Scorpion King to perform impeccably well in all conditions, whether it is a slippery surface, uneven ground, area filled with rocky obstacles or all together.
  3. Rotating joints that split the Scorpion King into two major parts – the front and rear – enhance the tree cutting techniques and stripping machine’s stabilization and enable it to arch over inaccessible areas. The pivoting is brought to the next level as well: able to do longitudinal leveling the Scorpion Kings will surprise you by dealing with tough corners.
  4. An extended cab of the industrial tree cutter offers every creature comfort a modern forester could ask for: communication suite, radio, air conditioning. However, its first and most important function is to provide extensive sight distance and enable the operator to manage giant falling piles of wood and keep it under control to prevent possible damages and diminish hazard levels. The Scorpion King tree felling machine provides a unique 360-degree view that excels in the mission.
  5. A monstrous tree chopping machine like the Scorpion King requires a powerful engine to perform at its best in tree harvesting. The US models are equipped with the Mercedes-Benz / MTU EU Stage III level engines as their standard equipment. Not only these powerful diesel engines are rated positively by European Union emission standards bringing the desired improvement to previous bulky ancestors, but also they come available to deliver upwards of a ridiculous amount of 150 kW of power.
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Best Tree Cutting Machine Name - The Scorpion King (2021)
Ponsse the Scorpion King

Cutting tree machines in tandem

It is common for big tree cutters to find themselves in trouble when it comes to working in a group – the efficiency is instantly brought down by space and time constraints. The big tree cutting machine The Scorpion King is designed to perform equally well both alone in advance harvesting capacity and in tandem with other harvesters and transporters.

Acting all as one, it takes them no time to clean out a wooden area even when it comes to massive evergreens, and the view is nothing shy of impressive.

VIDEO: Best Tree Cutting Machine Name – The Scorpion King

Watch this video and you can see how this machine is working and what technical function it has.