Tree stump removal near me

Tree stump removal near me & Price Guide

An ugly tree stump is evil in your yard. It would seem that it was very difficult for you to cut down a tree, but here’s the bad luck – a stump remained after it.

What should I do with it? How to remove it? Tree stump removal near my house.

We will answer these and many of your questions below in the article.

Tree Stump Removal Near Me House

Stump removal cost is a difficult issue. It is impossible to say exactly how much it will cost to remove a tree stump. The price is influenced by many factors. One of them, as you may have guessed, is, of course, the stump size.

We can say that to remove a tree stump approximately you will need from $60 to $350 dollars. On average, $2-$3 dollars is the cost of removal per stump diameter. Self-removal of a stump will deduct from your budget from $75 to $150.

Tree stump removal near me

Tree Stump Removal Cost & Price Guide

Considering the issue in more detail, let’s still understand the prices for stump removal, and also discuss the factors affecting the stump removal process.

There are many small aspects that affect the cost.

Tree stump removal near me

The average stump removal costs are:

  • Typical price range = $60-$350 per stump
  • Average cost = $2-$3 per inch of diameter
  • Best/cheapest price = $75-$150 (renting, DIY)

Tree Stump Removal Cost

The time spent on the tree stump removal cost, as well as the size of the more stumps, are the most important factors on the basis of which you will be charged for the work.

For example, if you have a very huge and hard-to-tree stump removal cost in your yard, then you can be charged as much as $300 for it.

The national average price for professional stump removal requested by a professional smaller trees service company is around $165. Most often it takes about an hour to work. Here are the reasons why the price requested by a professional service may be overstated or understated.

– Removing the diameter of the additional stumps will tree root removal cost you $ 2 or $3 but be prepared for the fact that most often stump removal companies charge $ 100 for the work at stump removal service.

– Very often it happens that the company offers to remove the first stump removal service for one price, and the second at a discount cost.

Example: First stump – $100-$150; some follow – up – 30$-50$.

Tree stump removal near me

Tree Stump Removal Cost per hour

It is also common for customers to have a whole yard with stumps of various sizes safety hazards. In such cases, an hourly fee is usually charged. Stump removal prices around $150 per hour.

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What affects how much the Cost of Stump Removal will be?

Tree stump removal near me

There are some reasons below:

  • stump size,
  • tree age,
  • soil type,
  • tree type,
  • stump health,
  • root system size, depth, and width,
  • number of stumps.

Is Stump Removal Cheaper than Tree Removal?

Tree removal cost starts at $345 and ranges, right up to $1,500, so it is more expensive than stump removal prices for other trees.

Tree stump removal near me

DIY Tree Stump Removal Cost

DIY stump removal prices have an average cost of about $100. At the same time, the professional stump removal work will take three times longer flat fee.

Special equipment is rented for DIY stump removal. There are hydraulic tree stump grinders. It is important to remember that renting such equipment will be expensive ($100-$400) and will also require a lot of effort to transport it to your home.

Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump removal near me

Such equipment may not always be really necessary in this case. In fact, if you do not know how to use it and do not know where it is appropriate for use, then it is better to pay a specialist the same amount than to mess around yourself and screw everything up.

Chemical Rotting

Tree stump removal near me

Chemical rotting is the cheapest and easiest way to remove a stump grinder. Chemical rotting will soften the stump within a few weeks thanks to the added potassium nitrate, which costs only $6.

Of course, you can also hire a professional for $100 to do everything exactly right.

Also, do not forget that animals and children should not be allowed near chemicals.

The Limitations of Tree Stump Removal Yourself

The equipment, thanks to which the stump removal procedure can be carried out independently, is most often used if you need to get rid of a lot of small stumps.

If you have one huge stump, it would be wiser to hire a professional.

DIY Stump Removal vs Professional Stump Removal

We recommend resorting to professional stump removal, as this will be a more reasonable solution. These people know everything about remove tree stumps, while you (most often) will not know how to approach this issue correctly. Hiring a specialist is much more efficient. This will help save time and effort, as well as the nerves spent trying to figure out the issue.

Professional Stump Removal Costs

Tree stump removal near me

Often these small tree stump removal services use special damage equipment like stump grinders to do the removal of multiple stumps or something else to do their job more efficiently and fast. In this case, professional stump removal costs will be more expensive but you won’t regret a single dollar spent.

There are several reasons rocky soil why companies calculate the buried pipes price.


To calculate save money the average price, the worker will have to measure the stump size and large trees.

Total Number of Stumps

Often, if you need to remove more than one stump, you can get various discounts.

Small Stumps vs. Large Stumps

It is logical that small stumps are easier to remove. Accordingly, the stump removal cost will be less, but if the stump turns out to be very large, then the worker will put more effort and time to remove involves drilling holes front yard.

Geographic Location

There is such a pattern that in less densely populated cities the cost tree service companies offer will be less than in large cities. Transport costs also matter.

Type of Tree

Since most professionals charge per diameter inch or per stump, regardless of the healthy trees type.

Most often, the trees type does not matter when it comes to price. Many specialists use a stump grinder for tree stump removals, and this equipment can grind any trees type.

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For stump grinding, it doesn’t matter what tree types of stump you have. You can usually grind anything with the help of special equipment. However, the trees type matters if the root of a particular tree will be difficult to removal process. In this case, the worker will need to put more time and effort into completing his task.

In this case, you will need to talk to the worker about the stump removal cost in advance.

Clearing Land

There are cases in which the owner is faced with the task offer discounts when he needs to clear a whole area of multiple stumps. Then the worker will calculate the hourly wage based on the average diameter of the stumps by removal method.

What factors determine what the Tree Stump Removal Cost will be?

Tree stump removal near me

Stump Diameter

– Obviously, the amount of work is primarily calculated based on the size of the stump. A small stump is a small cost, and a large and hard-to-remove stump is a large cost.

Age of Stump

–Stumps that are already old usually rot completely and their grinding is easy and fast. This factor also affects the price.

Soil Condition

– Rocky soil poses a threat to the equipment. It may be damaged. For this reason, you can expect to be asked for an additional payment.

Type of Tree Stump

– We explained above that some tree stumps may be harder to grind.

Root System

– Of course, it’s usually easier to cut down what’s above ground. The most difficult task is to remove the root system, which goes deep into the earth. The more complicated it is, the more the work will cost.


– A worker can simply perform stump removal, or he can also clean up everything behind him. Certainly, you will have to pay extra for cleaning and other factors.

Stump Removal – Is it a Necessity or a Choice?

What Dangers will arise if I don’t Remove Tree Stump? 

And what dangers might occur if I decide to DYI Tree Stump removing

Stumps can create new tree growth

Healthy trees roots have a huge impact. If you do not take care of the complete removal of the tree stump with the roots, new growth of the tree may begin, which will create a danger to your pipes and other factors.

Stumps can rot

The rotting of a tree stump is a normal biological process. But that’s exactly dangerous for humans. The chemical rotting process can attract pests and insects that can be harmful to a person and his property and simply annoy and overshadow his stay at home.

Stumps are ugly

Can anyone really think that sticking out bare stumps is a beautiful landscape design? Of course not, especially if these stumps are also rotting. Let’s admit honestly that they are ugly and this may be the main reason to consider removing ground level.

Stumps take up space

Tree stumps take up a lot of free space. You never know when it will occur to you to install an above-ground swimming pool in your yard, and your yard is occupied by a number of stumps. Agree that this is a huge inconvenience.

Having just a smooth space or a beautiful lawn is the dream of most homeowners. Therefore, we advise you to start removing your stumps as soon as possible

Stumps can be dangerous

The stump automatically becomes a danger to soil conditions, for example, your child who is playing in the backyard. Children often like to run, and the stump, especially the one that labor required out low above the ground is very difficult to notice. And adults can’t always notice an interfering thing sticking out under companies’ charge feet.

So yes, it’s really traumatic.

Chapter FAQ

What is the cheapest way to get rid of a tree stump?

There are three ways to quickly destroy a stump with fire. But you should focus only on the first one. Because those who follow him are more dangerous and require extreme caution.

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In order to productively burn an old stump, you do not need to cover it with firewood. An ordinary bonfire will burn for several days. Incendiary mixtures accelerate the process. And the last two, literally at times.


The preparation of the stump should take place as described in the method using saltpeter. Several deep holes are drilled. And in this case, the further they penetrate to the roots, the more effective the process will be. Some make a cross-shaped deep incision on the stump with a chainsaw curb appeal.

Kerosene manual removal is poured into the holes. And the better the product, the more heat it will give. The soaked stump will burn differently than the one covered with firewood. In the latter case, they are needed to set fire to the snag home’s curb appeal. But since objects of large volume and mass burn very badly, the process will last for several days. Because the surface will only smolder.

And in the case of kerosene manual removal, the stump will start burning from the inside. Having flared up, the flame will spread to the outside. A large intensity of the fire will quickly cope with the entire snag if it does not have particularly large dimensions. Otherwise, the following mixtures (heavy machinery) will be needed.

How much does it cost to grind out a tree stump?

Cutting down a stump is paid hourly on average. One hour of uprooting costs approximately $60-70. Usually, the price depends on several factors and heavy machinery. Chemical rotting, root complexity length, location, soil type, presence of insects

Is it cheaper to grind or remove a stump?

If you have a shredder, then, of course, it is easier to grind it. But if you don’t have wood chips, then it’s better to just remove them from the ground

What is the fastest way to remove a tree stump?

The fastest way is to set it on fire. This method of manual removal is not only budget-friendly but also the fastest. Alternatively, you can hire a specialist on national average, he will also do it quickly


It’s time to bring our article to a conclusion. We hope that now you will be full of knowledge that will be useful to you in solving your question. Now you all know about the manual removal of the stump price breaks, the pros, and cons of DIY and professional removal.

In conclusion, we could only add a few more tips thanks to which you will be able to choose the right specialists and not meet scammers.

Never consider hiring companies that offer their services at too low prices. It is better to start reading reviews, looking for companies that are crystal clear and frank with customers, than to choose a dubious company that can bring you risks and you will waste your money. A miser pays twice.

There are many excellent companies that can offer their services at an average, but not overpriced or undervalued price. Also, try to find out the price for services from several companies that have inspired you with confidence. So you can choose the most suitable company for yourself both in price and quality.

We hope our article was useful for you and helped you save money, energy, time, and nerves.