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Wood chipper rental cost options: How to use your money wisely

A wood chipper is undoubtedly a necessary thing in the house, if you do not live in an apartment, but in your own house. The wood chipper will be an excellent assistant in turning the leftovers of wood into a practical material for landscaping project and many other functions.

But the question is, is it worth buying a wood chipper? Or is it better to consider the wood chipper rental cost options first? This will be discussed in today’s article.

Wood Chipper Rental Cost Options: 10 Things To Сonsider

How much does a wood chipper cost

Buying a wood chipper is an investment your save money in your own home. The wood chipper will help you quickly, easily and efficiently get rid of large pieces of wood. So you will get wood chips for repurposing in the backyard or in the house.

Let’s try to figure out how best to operate the wood chipper. Buy or rent?

Types of wood chippers

Wood chippers are an indispensable thing in the house. There are two types of wood chippers that will help you get chips quickly and easily. Each type has its own disadvantages and advantages, so it is important to make a choice in favor of exactly the kind that suits you.

Electric shredders, as a rule, are more compact and weightless than gas ones. Therefore, if you need to constantly carry a good quality wood chipper, it is better to choose an electric one.

Features of each type

They are also quieter and do not produce emissions. But they also have disadvantages in the form of small volume and power. You will not be able to process large branches in such wood chipper.

Gas powered wood chippers are bigger and more powerful. They are suitable for heavier jobs. But they are very difficult to operate in situations where the wood chipper needs to be moved. They also create more noise and pollution. They can only be moved with the help of a small vehicle.

To summarize briefly, electric wood chipper home is better for small jobs, and gas is better for large ones. Do not forget that much does a wood turn into splinters, so be careful. At the end of the work, a lot of chips remain, and of course, they need to be removed. We offer you several options for using chips from chipper.

Electric wood chipper shredders

Let’s take a closer look at the electric chippers.

The electric wood chippers are well suited for small-sized jobs. For example, small tree limbs, sticks, poles, small logs or other garden waste. On average, it grinds wood up to 1.75 inches in diameter.

It also has a reduction ratio factor. The best option reduction ratio would be 10:1. This means that the processing will be carried out to the smallest possible chips. Sometimes the reduction ratio in some models can reach 17:1.

Another advantage of such a device is that all waste is moved to a special bag, so that the space around the shredder remains clean. They’re more energy efficiency.

Electric wood shredder ready to work

Do I need to buy electric chippers?

If you need to recycle wood often, feel free to take an electric wood chippers. It meets the price/quality requirements very well. The average price tag for them is $150. The price is for a good device with diameters up to 1.75 inches. The advantages of such a electric models is that it works quietly and cleanly, unlike gas models.

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They are also easier to maintain. All you need is to keep the blade sharp. We have already talked about the plus in the form of convenience of transportation. Such a small wood chipper can be easily put in a shed or garage.

Moreover, I’d like to note that electric wood chippers are more environmentally friendly than gas models.

Gas or Petrol wood chippers

Gas powered wood chipper are very powerful tools. They are heavy duty model and voluminous, have high power and performance. Such a device is ideal for harvesting large branches, large pieces of wood, other big yard waste etc.

Such equipment is capable of processing wood up to 6 inches. In fact, these giant gas chippers range in size from 3.4 inches to 6. You choose the option that suits you best.


But the most important disadvantage of such a wood chipper is noise. They are so loud that it is impossible to shout over them. And experts recommend working with headphones. Also, do not forget about fuel emissions and displacement problems.

If you do not need to use the wood chipper regularly and in large quantities, or you are limited by space, then we recommend you a electric wood chipper.

petrol chipper with a container full of mulch

How much does it cost a gas wood chipper rental in equipment rental companies?

There is an alternative option. Cost rent wood chippers. This method is well suited for those who rarely need a shredder and in small quantities. The average price for a rent a wood chipper per day is up to $ 100.

But this price of renting a wood chipper may vary depending on the factors of power, type of wood chipper, diameter, noise, etc. At the rental places, clarify all questions about payment.

By example

A small electric wood chipper is cheaper for renting a wood chipper than a large gas one. For rental prices to $100, you’ll get a gas chipper approximately 2-3 inches in diameter. For larger ones, let’s say 12 diameters, you will have to pay by rental price to $500.

Do not forget about the delivery services. The price for delivery costs depends on your place of residence and the policy of the rental company. Therefore, before placing an order, specify all the details.

Where to rent a wood chipper?

There are rental companies and firms for the cost rent a wood chipper anywhere in the country. Home depot can offer you a good gas powered wood chipper at a bargain price, which will ideally be able to recycle 2-inch branches.

The price for a gas powered wood chipper at Home depot rental companies rental price is $99.

How much does is cost to buy a wood chipper?

The wood chipper cost varies greatly depending on many factors. Let’s take a closer look at how much different types of wood chipper cost.

Gas wood chipper

The average price tag for such a tool is $ 600 or more. And for the best gas wood chippers, many give within $ 9,000. There are also expensive wood chipper models on trailers for $ 25,000, but such expensive options are more likely to be required by commercial chippers enterprises.

We advise you to take a closer look at ACME Tools. There are various options for gas wood chipper at a low price. You will also be able to study the characteristics of each shredder before buying.

Electric wood chipper shredder

The price of electric wood chipper also depends on some factors.

The first and perhaps the most important of them is the type of wood. If you need a model with a small diameter for fragile branches, then the usual standard model will do. But if you have to work with denser wood, you will have to look at more expensive heavy-duty models.

The second factor is the brand. Yes, the brand is also very important in pricing. This factor also includes the place of purchase. In professional salons, the price tag will be higher than that of resellers or retail stores.

Where to buy a wood chipper?

The best option is a specialized gardening store near you. So you can personally view the product, make sure it works, consult with sellers. Try to choose wood chippers with a guarantee, because in case of unpleasant surprises or breakage, you will be able to quickly eliminate the shortcomings.

Another purchase option is the Internet. Be very careful here. Read the reviews carefully.

When buying a gas wood chipper, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to connect it.

Cost to Buy vs Rent a wood chipper in rental company

Electric wood chipper Gas wood chipper
Cost to rent not applicable $99-$500
Purchasing $120-$200 $600-$9,000
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How much does it cost to run a wood chippers?

The cost of work is also vary depending on the size of the maschine, engine, fuel consumption and chipping capacity.

Let’s calculate how much the wood chipper will cost along with its contents.

The equipment initial cost from $600 to $25,000.

Enter the cost of fuel into the calculation. On average, such machines consume up to 5 liters of gas per cubic meter. Also, such equipment must be constantly adjusted and repaired. The best price cost of repairs varies from 10 to 20 dollars per hour.

Powerful shredder for large branches

10 Things to consider before buying or rent a wood chipper

Now we will tell you about the 10 most important things you should know about when buying or renting a wood chipper.

1) Power source

Be sure to take care of the power source. If you choose an electric wood chipper, make sure that you have the opportunity to connect it to an outlet on the street. If you use gas wood chipper, then make sure that you also have the necessary power source for this.

The same goes for the gasoline wood chipper. If you do not have a suitable outlet, then you can hold it, or you will have to give preference in favor of a gas wood chipper.

Using extension cords and adapter sockets in this case can be very dangerous, since the power is very large. Before renting a wood chipper, ask if they have alternative power sources available.

2) Engine power

The second thing you need to take care of beforehand is power. Engine power is measured in horsepower and is of great importance. A good engine but should be 1 or 1/2 horsepower.

With a high level of operation, you need higher power, because otherwise the wood chipper simply will not withstand so much high load and will break. Before renting a wood chipper, be sure to check the engine power. The engine displacement is involved in the pricing of the entire device.

3) Chipping reduction ratio

The amount of grinding that the wood chipper will produce depends on this ratio. As mentioned earlier, the best option is a ratio of 10 to 1.

The higher the ratio, the smaller the wood chips. Therefore, choose the parameters that you need. Some models can reach a ratio of 17 to 1. But do not forget, the higher the ratio, the more energy is spent. More power means a stronger engine and a higher wood chipper cost.

4) Self-Feeding chipper or Manual

Another very important point that you need to consider. Do you need a self-feeding chopper or a manual chopper? In other words, such a larger wood chippers pushes the wood itself to the blades, so that the machine does its job. In manual shredders, you push the logs to the blades yourself.

Of course, a manual chopper is not as comfortable as a self-feeding one. The manual chopper takes too much time, you constantly need to be around to put the wood. Also, do not forget that a manual chopper is more dangerous than a self-feeding one.

Thus, for the sake of safety and saving time, we advise you to make a choice in favor of a self-feeding chopper.

5) Wood chippers throat size

Another point you need to consider is the size of the throat. Perhaps this is one of the most important criteria. The size of the throat is the width of the hole through which the wood will pass. That is, the wood should be no larger in diameter than the throat.

Before buying or renting a drum chippers, be sure to review the pieces of wood that you need to chop. Electric choppers have a narrower throat no more than 2 inches.

Gas shredders have a larger diameter up to 17 inches. Be careful with large branches, the wood can be quite heavy.

When renting equipment for extended time, they are always interested in the size of the throat.

6) Feed capacity limit

The limit of the feed power. In simple words, this is the amount that the wood chippers can process. The higher this number, the more wood you can recycle and turn into chips. The supply power limit is specified at one time of operation.

7) Portability

Portability is one of the most important criteria when choosing a shredder. Electric ones are easier to move, they have less mass than gas ones. Portable shredders, as a rule, move on two wheels.

It is convenient to move them while walking, moving them behind you. Larger ones can be moved using a trailer or truck.

You attach the chopper to the back of the truck and start driving. You can also use an ATV or a car, or any other traction force. Large shredders need additional transport licensing, which will increase your shredder costs.

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8) Size and Accessibility to your property

The size of the wood chopper is the length, width, and height of the machine. The more accessible your property is to the wood chopper, the easier it will be for you to move it. The last thing anyone needs is to hire a wood shredder only to find that you can’t carry it through your backyard gate.

Storage location

At the risk of stating the obvious, these cars are not small. Electric wood shredders are ideal for storage in your basement or garage. While gas machines will need to be stored in a shed or burned with wide access to the door.

rented shredder

9) Safety: Personal Protective equipment

Be sure to take a closer look at what kind of protection is on the shredders. Since this is a very dangerous thing and can easily tighten your clothes or any other objects and cause harm, special safety systems are provided in shredders.

Glasses (eye protection) are usually included. We advise you to look for suitable comfortable clothes in advance. Do not forget that much does a wood turn into splinters, so be careful.

10) Noise and mess

If it is important for you to keep the mess and silence, then we do not recommend taking a gas chipper. Gas shredders have a gutter that makes a very big mess.

But if the use of a gas smaller wood chippers cannot be avoided, then after it, walk with a blower on the surface of the earth. So, you can remove all the garbage. Use ear protectors so that the sound from the chopper does not deafen you.

Chapter FAQ

How big of branches can a wood chipper handle?

The wood shredder copes with an average of 200-300 cubic centimeters of branches at a time. After that, he needs a short break so that the device does not overheat. This applies to both electric and gas choppers.

What is the difference between a chipper and a chipper shredder?

Garden shredders and shredders are the same thing. In the USA, the term “Shredder” is more common, although the term “Shredder” is also used. A simple conclusion is that there is no difference between shredders and shredders. They are the same machines, and they do the same job.

What’s the difference between a wood chipper and a mulcher?

The main difference between a wood chopper and a mulcher is in power. Wood shredders, especially heavy-duty machines, are designed for shredding large pieces of wood and branches. Mulchers, sometimes called shredders, are smaller and less powerful.

How much does it cost to rent a wood chipper in Ontario?

The average wood chipper rental in Ontario (west coast) is $200 or more money. This is slightly higher than in other places. This may be due to the peculiarity of the wood of the local district, as well as the management policies of the companies. The rent a wood chipper price reaches up to $ 600.

In the rental place, specify in detail all the details of the lease. Also, immediately specify the rental time for shredder.


The price of a wood chipper depends on many factors. The wood chipper rentals on average does not exceed $ 500 a day. The cost to rent depends on several factors, which you’d better find out from the company. The cost of the maschine itself varies between $ 1,000 and above.

When using a wood chipper, follow all safety rules. Make sure that the machine is standing on a flat surface, and not on rough terrain. The device should not be extremely mobile.

And what is your advice?

It is cost effective to purchase a shredder on a permanent basis only in situations when you need a shredder often. The wood inside the device turns into splinters. Therefore, do not forget to wear protective glasses and clothing when working. Also, do not forget about the means of fire prevention.

We also advise you not to forget that if you use the cost rented device too actively, in addition to the transaction, you will have to pay extra for the spent material.

As a final tip and to save time, we advise you to use electric shredders, they are better. Most homeowners also prefer electric, watch this video by @TRYtoHELPyou for an example: